Fan Makes Haunted Mansion Replica in ANIMAL CROSSING

With the Disney theme parks closes indefinitely, many fans are missing their favorite attractions. And many of them have been finding ways to recreate the Disney parks experience at home as best as possible. We’ve seen at home recreations of several rides from folks all over the country, including one very cool “shelter-at-home” version of the Haunted Mansion.

But now, someone has virtually recreated the home of the 999 Happy Haunts in the mega popular social simulation Nintendo game, Animal Crossing. A Twitter user by the name of Weary Bones gave a little peek at their spooky virtual make-over, and you can see the results in the tweet down below:

The video is just over 60 seconds, but has many of the staples of the beloved Disney attraction. For starters, you can hear the classic “Ghost Ghost” at the very start, giving his instructions to those foolish mortals who dare enter the mansion. And not longer after entering the portrait gallery, the song “Grim Grinning Ghosts” begins to play. We see a portrait of the infamous Hatbox Ghost on the wall; it sports the creepy and monstrous wallpaper for which the mansion is famous.


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Madame Leota’s seance room shows up during the video, as does the grand ballroom, complete with ghostly birthday cake. And it wouldn’t really be the Haunted Mansion without the graveyard on the property, now would it? We’re not sure if this is supposed to be the New Orleans Square version from Disneyland, or the more New England styled Mansion from the Orlando park, as it seems to be a bit of a combo of both. But it has certainly spiced up the game and given it a preternatural touch.  May we suggest that Weary Bones do a little Addams Family manor next? We think that would be pretty spook-tacular.

Featured Image: The Walt Disney Company

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