Celebrate ALIEN Day with Metric Ton of Ripley-Approved Merch

This year, Alien Day is extra special. And that’s simply because 2021 is also the 35th anniversary of James Cameron’s Aliens, the rare sequel that equals the original. Due to the crew of Sulaco celebrating their 35th, the folks at 20th Century Studios are releasing a ton of cool Aliens swag. There’s everything from stylish fashion, deluxe toys, and of course, one very dope Funko Pop! vinyl figure. And we’ve rounded them up for you right here.

Weta Aliens toys with Jonesy, Ripley, and a xenomorph
This twisted and wonderfully gross figure of the xenomorph from Aliens comes from the incredible folks at Weta. The fearsome alien queen has never been more adorable.


Weta is producing an Aliens-inspired xenomorph figure, evoking the attack on Newt in the waters under the  LV-426 colony. Newt’s baby doll has definitely seen better days. Weta also has a xenomorph figure in their mini-epics line. And yes, that alien drool is permanent. Mini-epics has Ripley and Jones the cat from the original film, and a facehugger attacking poor Kane. And the alien queen gets an adorable micro-epics toy. All can be pre-ordered now at Entertainment Earth.

Funko Pop Vinyl toy with Ellen Ripley in a Power Loader


Also, Funko honors the most iconic scene in Aliens, with a new Pop! vinyl of Ripley in the power loader. This one is a GameStop exclusive. And for another GameStop exclusive, take a look at this amazing Weta xenomorph warrior.

The Weta xenomorph warrior is the latest GameStop exlusive.


Le Femme en Noir Alien sunglasses and t-shirt This stylish fashion line evokes the art of Alien creator H.R. Giger. From skirts to t-shirts, this Alien line has it all.

La Femme en Noir

La Femme en Noir is bringing the Alien aesthetic to life in an incredibly stylish fashion line. There’s a xenomorph crop top and maxi skirt set, which will set you back $158.00. In the more affordable range of Alien gear, there’s a moody long sleeve t-shirt ($34.00) and a regular t-shirt ($32.00). And the Alien hoodie ($54.00) is perfect for your next trip to LV-426. It gets pretty cold and windy there, ya know.

Finally, can’t you just see Ripley wearing these very chic Giger-esque sunglasses ($118.00)? All can be ordered now on La Femme en Noir’s website.

Lootcrate's Alien line features the facehugger and even the Alien 3 logo.


LootCrate also has an all-new capsule collection paying tribute to the franchise. This includes a pocket tee celebrating the facehugger, a long sleeve henley showing some love for Alien 3, and a hoodie showing off the original Ridley Scott film’s logo design. Check these out at LootCrate.com.

Featured Image: Funko/Weta/La Femme en Noir

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