Mondo Debuts Stunning Black-and-White Print for ALIEN Day

Another Alien Day is upon us. Yes, April 26, or 4/26, is so named after the planet the Nostromo crew lands on in the original Ridley Scott film. This mysterious uninhabited world doesn’t have a name, just a designation: LV-426. And we all know just what they found there, and it wasn’t pretty. In recent years, we’ve taken to celebrating the premiere horror/sci-fi franchise on this day. Hey, if Star Wars can have a day all its own, why not Alien?

As a way of commemorating the day Lt. Ellen Ripley became a legendary sci-fi hero, the folks at Mondo are offering a fantastic new print showcasing the alien xenomorph from artist Attack Peter. This artwork does proper justice to the terrifying designs of artist H.R. Giger. Giger’s twisted genius gave us the look of the xenomorph, one of the most iconic creatures in film history. You can see several images of the creepy and beautiful new black-and-white print right here.

Attack Peter's print for Alien Day captures H.R. Giger's design genius.


Artwork by Attack Peter / Edition of 120
20″ x 30″ Linocut Print on Lokta Paper  / Printed by Attack Peter / $100

Attack Peter is the professional name of one Peter Santa-Maria. He’s a Miami-based artist and teacher, who work primarily in the process of printmaking. Attack Peter’s artwork features both original designs and pop culture icons, like the xenomorph from the Alien films. The artist is heavily influenced by traditional imagery from Thailand, American traditional tattoo flash, and his peers.

You can see more of his work by heading over to his website, along with his Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. In the past, Mondo has offered tiki mugs, enamel pins, and t-shirts to celebrate Alien Day. But this might be their finest offering yet. With a new Alien TV series announced for FX, now is the perfect time to display your xenomorph pride.

The new Alien print goes on sale on the official Mondoshop site on April 26, at 9 a.m. PST.

Side view of Attack Peter's Alien Day black and white xenomorph print.


Close up detail of Mondo's Alien print by Attack Peter.


Ancient writing adorns Mondo's newest Alien print.Mondo

The artistry of H.R. Giger is honored in Mondo's new Alien print.


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