Who Is the Most Powerful ETERNAL?

After seven millennia of waiting, we’ve finally met the Eternals. The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most powerful heroes are here, and they’ve brought a smorgasbord of new powers. But who is the most powerful Eternal? Who could beat Thanos? Which power is going to be the most useful going forward into the MCU? We’re here to answer all of these questions. Looking solely at the Eternals’ powers in the movie, let’s get to ranking these heroes from least to most formidable!

10. Sprite
A still from Eternals shows Lia McHugh as Sprite and Gemma Chan as Sersi standing in the desert

Marvel Studios

Taking on the role of a classical trickster, Sprite’s most notable power is duplication. We see her use it many times in Eternals to great effect. But the reality is that in a fight, she essentially only has one of Loki’s minor powers. Of course, because Sprite is an Eternal she also has a certain amount of super strength, fighting prowess, and more. But in terms of what we see her do on-screen, she’s definitely the least powerful of the crew.

9. Ikaris
A still from Eternals shows Richard Madden as Ikaris glaring in front of a grey sky, his yellow eyes glow slightly

Marvel Studios

Sorry, Richard Madden. Seeing as you were beaten by the other Eternals, this puts you nearly at the bottom of our list. Aside from that devastating loss, your powers still came across as impressive. Ikaris’ ability to fly, cosmic energy beams, and super strength make him seem like the most powerful of the Eternals. But ultimately it wasn’t enough. Even if he killed Ajak it was her own love and compassion for him that allowed it to happen. However, we’d probably still bet on him in a fight against pretty much any of the MCU superheroes.

8. Thena
A still from Eternals shows Angelina Jolie as Thena in her magical costume covered with gold rings

Marvel Studios

While Thena was once the mightiest warrior in Olympus and can still protect the ones she loves, her trauma from being an Eternal has set her on a troubled path. Her killer fighting skills mean she’s still a formidable foe. But her struggle to control them and the fact that she can turn on her teammates at any moment pushes her down our ranking. Despite all of that, she’s still an asset to the team. And as we leave her at the end of Eternals, she is hopefully on track to become an even better and more powerful cosmic hero.

7. Kingo
A still from Eternals shows Kumail Nanjiani as Kingo striding towards the camera

Marvel Studios

It’s pretty likely that Kingo will come out of the Eternals as the fan fave character. Kumail Nanjiani crafts a charming, funny, and flamboyant hero who stands out in the stoic world of Eternals. He also has a very fun comic book power: finger guns. Yep, he can shoot balls of energy out of his fingers. He can also at times create Hadouken-esque power blasts. It’s very impressive and the power does a great job keeping the Deviants away. But in the grand scheme of things it’s a useful power rather than a particularly world-saving one. Still looks cool.

6. Ajak
A still from Eternals shows Selma Hayek as Ajak riding a horse in South Dakota

Marvel Studios

The one time leader of the Eternals was also at one time probably the most powerful. While Ajak’s powers were less defined in the film, we know she could talk to the Celestials. And she kept her family of immortals safe for millennia using her healing abilities. She was also credited with helping to destroy hundreds of planets, making them homes for the Emerging Celestials. So she was definitely wielding some kind of killer cosmic powers then. Alas, her love for humans and her fellow Eternals—while sometimes making her stronger—was ultimately her undoing. But in her final act of picking Sersi as the new leader she left a powerful legacy.

5. Gilgamesh
A still from Eternals shows Don Lee as Gilgamesh sitting at a candlelit table next to Harish Patel as Karun

Marvel Studios

He’s likely the strongest Eternal in terms of nothing more than brute power, but our poor Gilgamesh didn’t survive. Despite his untimely demise, Gil showcased his massive strength throughout the movie. He can end most fights with one punch, but his secret strength comes from his emotional heart. It’s all good being a talented fighter but Gil’s power comes from having people to fight for. His love for the other Eternals and Thena, in particular, allows him to channel his huge physical power and make it something even more.

4. Makkari
A still from Eternals shows Lauren Ridolff as Makkari standing powerfully on a black sand beach

Marvel Studios

Speedsters are always astronomically overpowered. Depending on their skill set they can do everything from change time to stop any event before it happens. While Makkari is incredibly fast, she’s not quite there. Her speed is a great asset to the team, however, and we see her stop more than one catastrophic event. Despite the fact that she might be underrated when put up against the others, we think her speedy powers put her safely in the top five.

3. Phastos
A still from Eternals shows Brian Tyree Henry as Phastos crying in a desolate location

Marvel Studios

A staggeringly intelligent technopath, Phastos can imagine and create any machine. Not only did he influence much of human evolution in the MCU thanks to his technology, but he also created the Uni-Mind that allowed the Eternals to come together as one. We’d love to see what sort of creations Phastos could make to help streamline the exploding multiverse. If he’d faced down Thanos he’d definitely have been able to make a gauntlet to rival the Mad Titan. His ability to create almost anything through simply the power of his mind and join together the most powerful heroes on Earth makes him a true force to be reckoned with.

2. Druig
A still from Eternals shows barry keoghan as Druig walking towards the camera

Marvel Studios

Mind-control powers on a scale like Druig make him one of the most powerful heroes in the MCU. During Eternals we get to see him control hundreds of people. But he regularly talks about how if he wanted he could control the entire planet. We even see Druig use his powers in connection with the Uni-Mind to control a Celestial. Imagine if he’d been around during the battle for the Infinity Stones. Thanos wouldn’t have stood a chance. Basically, this is the kind of extreme superpower that makes the Eternals so formidable.

1. Sersi
A still from Eternals shows Gemma Chan as Sersi standing on a beach

Marvel Studios

Let’s start with the obvious: she killed a Celestial. That’s one of the most—if not the most—powerful beings we’ve seen in the MCU yet. And she did it without even being fully in control of her powers. So what are those powers and why are they so unbeatable? In Eternals, Sersi has the ability to transmute matter. It’s the kind of power that enables you to essentially do anything.

In the movie, we see her transform the Emerging Celestial into marble, so imagine what she could do to humans. Or other superheroes. Plus, in Marvel’s comic books the ability to transmute matter can also be used to literally reshape reality… And lest we not forget she is now the one being who can actually speak to the Celestials.

Featured Image: Marvel Studios

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