Vinyl Dumpster Fire Nightlights Perfectly Encapsulate 2020

Have you had a hard time sleeping lately? If you have, we promise, you’re not alone. And to help you feel less alone, we present to you 100% Soft‘s Dumpster Fire Night Light. It’s not only cute and comforting—making it a great sleep aid—but also the perfect vinyl representation of 2020.

We first spotted the light-up vinyl Dumpster Fire vinyl in 2019, when the figures came to last year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Now, the indefatigably happy dumpsters of burning trash are available once again and this time as a nightlight, with orders set to begin shipping in December of this year.

This Dumpster Fire Night Light perfectly represents 2020.

100% Soft

“Nothing will comfort your garbage life like a soothing, flickering Dumpster Fire night light!” reads 100% Soft‘s product description. Entertainment Earth, a retailer that will offer the night lights early next year, added in the description for the video above that the nightlight will help celebrate your life with some “kawaii trash.” ( Kawaii, which translates as “lovable” or “cute,” is the culture of cuteness in Japan.)

In regards to the actual product, the smoldering-refuse nightlight contains an LED that makes the faux flame flicker with light. The nightlight is touch-activated, and even has an auto shut-off that kicks in after an hour. The three AAA batteries necessary to power the nightlight, however, do not come with the item.

This Dumpster Fire Night Light perfectly represents 2020.

100% Soft

And for some more bad news—of course–the Dumpster Fire Night Lights aren’t shipping until December from 100% Soft and in January from Entertainment Earth.

What do you think about these vinyl Dumpster Fire Night Lights? Do you want one of these nightlights for your room? Or do they just remind you of how far society needs to go to not be on fire? Light up the comments with your thoughts!

Feature image: 100% Soft

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