Adorable Dumpster Fire Toys Coming to San Diego Comic-Con 2019

There are few phrases that capture the deep disgust so many of us feel about much of the world today quite like “dumpster fire.” It’s simple and direct, and it appeals to your senses of smell, sight, and even touch, allowing you to truly capture the horrible stench and tangible awfulness of so many events and people in the 21st century. Unfortunately, its ability to perfectly encapsulate a wide-range of disasters is why it also feels painfully overused now. If everything is a dumpster fire, nothing is. Fortunately, this overextended meme in need of an upgrade just got an amazing one in time for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Introducing: these adorable limited edition dumpster fire toys whose dead-eyed smiles perfectly scream, “I am losing my mind as the world burns.”

Adorable Dumpster Fire Toys Coming to San Diego Comic-Con 2019_1

Truck Torrence at 100% Soft has announced (in news we heard at Toy Wizards) that, at the 2019 SDCC, he will be selling these cute dumpster fire toys he designed based on his own GIF (which was previously turned into a fantastic enamel pin). These hand-casted resin toys stand 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 2.75″ in size and are painted by PropsAndPop. They also come numbered and signed by Torrance himself, and will retail for $50 each.

You can pick them up at his booth, #1532, which will be near the Small Press Pavilion. If you want to grab one though (and obviously many of you/us will), you will want to act fast, because these won’t last long. The blue dumpster with the red flame is limited to 50 pieces, and there are only 10 of the pink dumpster variant with the blue flame.

Adorable Dumpster Fire Toys Coming to San Diego Comic-Con 2019_2

If, unfortunately, you do miss out on picking up one for yourself, we know the perfect analogy to describe how that will feel. You just won’t have the perfect toy to express it.

Images: Truck Torrance/100% Soft

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