Tom Hiddleston Makes Nature Sound Sexy in EARTH AT NIGHT IN COLOR Clip

What do animals do after the sun sets? Apple TV+’s Earth At Night In Color answers that very question, using impressive technology to document animals’ nocturnal lives. And no, the series isn’t so dark that you have to turn up the brightness on your TV to enjoy. The nature documentary shows all the animals in full color. It gives viewers a whole new experience and startling visual clarity. Plus, none other than Tom Hiddleston narrates. The actor best known for playing Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe makes nature sound intense and… sexy. Let’s just say he definitely has the voice for this.

Earth At Night In Color‘s next episode goes underwater. “Coral Reef,” premiering April 16, features a particularly fascinating hunter: the stingray. Nerdist has an exclusive clip from the upcoming episode. Watch and listen:

As Hiddleston’s explains with his silky smooth voice, this stingray is using electro-receptors to locate and stalk its prey. But the prey sees nothing but dark ocean until it’s too late. Once the stingray succeeds, it closes in for the kill by using its huge wings (two meters across here) to trap its prey.

A hunting stingray in Earth At Night In Color

Apple TV+

“Coral Reef” kicks off season two of Earth At Night In Color just in time for Earth Day (the Paul Rudd-narrated Tiny World also returns for a second season). The upcoming season of this show will feature pumas, polar bears, manta rays and tiny planktonic life at night in the ocean. And while you’re waiting for more episodes and Hiddleston’s perfect narration, you can always go back and watch all six episodes in season one. The series trailer below gives you a taste of what to expect and also just how clearly we can see what’s happening at night.

You can watch the full episode of Earth At Night In Color tomorrow, April 16, on Apple TV+. Also premiering on April 16 is The Year Earth Changed narrated by David Attenborough; the documentary special reflects on the last year of global lockdown.

Featured Image: Apple TV+

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