Fever of Stingrays Captured by Drone Is Maximum Majesty

There’s a lot of YouTube footage of weird sea creatures out there right now, which range from bizarre to downright Rick and Morty-esque. But the ocean isn’t just a soup of wiggly poisonous things that are built to stab and kill each other (it kind of is though). It’s also a grand, liquid layer full of majestic sights: like this group of stingrays, for example, which look kind of like… a ton of pizza rolls cruising through the water in unison. But very majestic pizza rolls!

Before we tell you everything we know about this video, here’s the most important thing to note: a group of stingrays is apparently called a fever. Which is pretty cool!

(A tumble-sea-weed slowly rolls across the ocean.)

Anyway, the video was posted by Drone Shark App, a company that uses drones to spot sharks and other nefarious sea dwellers that may be too close to people for comfort. Right now the company only operates in Australia, but it’s looking to expand. And this may sound like some shilling for the company, but having drones monitor beaches for sharks n’ such obviously seems like a great idea—check out the video immediately below for proof of concept.

The fever in the clip is made up of cownose rays, which are a species of eagle ray; eagle rays are those that cruise the open oceans as opposed to the sea bottom. And if you’re asking yourself, “Is this cutely named ‘cownose ray’ something I’d potentially want to cuddle?” The answer is yes. But also no. ‘Cause cownose ray faces are cute as heck, but their barbs can still fatally stab you.

What do you think of this fever of stingrays? Do they look more like a bunch of pizza rolls or Post-it notes to you? Float your visual metaphors in the comments below!

Images: Drone Shark App 

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