Wake Up with Tom Hiddleston and a Plate of Vitamins

Imagine you wake up one day and Tom Hiddleston is standing in your kitchen, cooking an egg, which he then serves to you on top of an elaborate plate of fruit and beans. Oh, and he tops it with black pepper. And then he sits down and watches you eat it. Does that sound like a fantasy, or a nightmare?

Why don’t you take a look at this bizarro vitamin commercial and decide for yourself?

Tom Hiddleston is an incredibly handsome man and his accent is lush as velvet, but I’m sorry, this is kind of weird. What’s the plot here? In the beginning of the video, he says, “I finished early, so I thought I’d pop back and make you breakfast.” But 30 seconds later, he’s leaving for a trip that will keep him busy for the “next few weeks.” What is his job? Where is he going? Why did he just make me a plate of Ikea food, promise me he’s make it up to me soon, and not even kiss me before leaving for his mysterious multi-week business trip?

I have a lot more questions, folks. But I’ll spare you for now. Hiddleston uploaded this ad for Centrum vitamins to the Chinese social media app Weibo, and the subtitles make it obvious this is a Chinese commercial. The cultural barrier could have something to do with why this seems so strange. And we can’t exactly blame Tom for scooping this up, since foreign endorsement ads are known to bring the big bucks. (Just ask Leonardo DiCaprio or Nicolas Cage.)

Of course, that isn’t stopping the memes, like this brilliant parody from comedian Phil Wang that shows just how ridiculous the whole concept for this commercial is.

Keep on doing you, Tom Hiddleston. Make that vitamin money. But next time, give a little warning before you show up in my kitchen.

Images: Marvel, Centrum

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