THE OFFICE Reboot in the Works, a Cozy LOTR Game Coming Soon, and More News Odds & Ends

It’s been an exciting week to say the least. The WGA strike happily came to an end, Pokémon announced its full Van Gogh Museum collaboration, and we even got to see a very exciting familiar face on Ahsoka. But in the mix with all that, there were some other exciting annoucements and releases that might have gotten lost in the shuffle. But never fear, we’re ready to catch you up on it all.

Skittle Littles, Tales of the Shire, and The Office images for odds and ends
Skittles/Weta Workshop/NBC

Here are some of our favorite pop-culture news odds & ends that you don’t want to miss reading about.

This Week’s Odds & Ends in News:

A Reboot of The Office Is Reportedly in the Works From Greg Daniels

Michael Scott the Office

That’s right folks, it might be time to head back to work… Or whatever it is they do in The Office. According to The Wrap, The Office series co-creator Greg Daniels is reportedly working on a reboot of the show’s US version. This news is still tenuous for now. It comes from Puck News‘ Matthew Belloni. As the WGA strike came to a close, Belloni shared in his newsletter, “We’re also about to see a firehose of announcements of projects and castings that have been held back for fear of bad optics or violating guild rules. Greg Daniels is set to do a reboot of ‘The Office,’ for instance.”

Of course, we’ve seen conversations surrounding a reboot or spinoff of The Office before. In fact, Parks and Recreation started life as a spinoff of The Office. In this age of media, everything old can become new again. And The Office remains an immensely popular show. So if Greg Daniels really was helming a The Office reboot, it would not surprise us. But we would be equally unsurprised if it did not come to pass. Only time will tell.

Check out news of the latest remake of The Office, here:

Newest The Lord of the Rings Release Will Be a Cozy Game Featuring Hobbits and the Shire

Ready for some truly exciting news for fall? A new The Lord of the Rings video game is coming our way and this one will be a cozy outing dedicated to Hobbits and the Shire. Honestly, we could not imagine a better idea to make into reality. We don’t know too much about the game yet, but a teaser trailer for Tales of the Shire sets up with just the right vibes.

A little watercolor, a little humming, and a few leaves blowing in the wind, you say? That’s a real mood right there. The only explanation we get so far notes, “Your cosy Hobbit life awaits in Tales of the Shire, a heart-warming new The Lord of the Ring game by Wētā Workshop and Private Division. Coming 2024.” In the video, we do see references to the Green Dragon, Ivy Bush, and Bywater. But those are about our only clues.

New The Lord of the Rings tales of the shire game
Wētā Workshop

Wētā Workshop, of course, is known for its gorgeous creations and work on The Lord of the Rings movies. We’re hoping for the best and expecting the best with Tales of the Shire.

New The Lord of the Rings Shire game trailer
Wētā Workshop

Check out some gorgeous The Lord of the Rings collectible items, here:

Get Ready for the Holidays with LEGO’s Marvel Avengers Advent Calendar

Marvel LEGO Avengers Advent Calander

If you’re like us, you don’t really want to get ready for the holidays yet. It feels early. But nevertheless, the holiday season is incoming whether we like it or not. But least it’s bringing with it some excellent gifting ideas. High on our list is this LEGO Marvel Avengers Advent Calendar. Whether this is your first LEGO Marvel Advent calendar or your hundredth, opening 24 days of superhero surprises make for a lot of fun.

This year the calendar will bring you LEGO Minifigures of your favorite Avengers like Okoye, Doctor Strange, Captain America, Spider-Man, Wong, Iron Man, and Black Widow alongside mini builds and accessories. Additionally, “Buildable play experiences include a Quinjet, jetpack, ice hockey kit, the Hydra Train and lots more items inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe.” Basically, you get to create a LEGO Avengers winter wonderland. And what could be better than that? We especially love Okoye playing a game of hockey.

Marvel LEGO Avengers Advent Calander close up

The LEGO Marvel Avengers Advent Calander is available now and costs $44.99.

For more LEGO Marvel fun, check out this advanced Captain America shield set, here:

A Rick and Morty Movie Could Be Heading Our Way

Rick and Morty excited in the cockpit of Rick's ship
Adult Swim

Rick and Morty season season seven premieres in October. But a recent profile with creator Dan Harmon by The Hollywood Reporter indicates even more Rick and Morty could be on the way in movie form. The publication notes “Pre-strike, Harmon even had a serious conversation with executives at Warner Bros. about a Rick and Morty feature. He says they were all aligned on a kind of ‘“’super episode’”’ conceit, the way that Matt Stone and Trey Parker approached the South Park movie years ago. He has plenty more percolating in development, too, including a musical and a multicam.”

Whether these Rick and Morty movie conversations return post-strike remains to be seen. But it feels like one way or another, we’ll get a whole lot more Rick and Morty on our screens sooner rather than later. A “super episode” seems to only make sense.

Check out Rick and Morty‘s full season seven trailer, here:

Enjoy Magic: The Gathering Themed Pancakes a IHOP

Need more Magic: The Gathering in your life? How about in pancake form? Well, if so, you’re in luck. IHOP and Magic: The Gathering are collaborating on a Magic-themed menu that will be available for a limited time. In addition to being able to redeem IHOP loyalty points for Magic: The Gathering Arena in-game rewards, “Guests can also order from a custom Magic: The Gathering Arena menu featuring five specially themed pancakes at participating IHOPs.”

Magic the Gathering Pancakes

Here’s what the menu consists of:

  • Ajani’s Purr-fect Pancakes: Original Buttermilk – classic original buttermilk keeping the Multiverse at peace. 
  • Jace’s Illusion-Berry Pancakes: Double Blueberry – double blueberry pancakes conjured specially for magic lovers. 
  • Liliana’s Chocolate Corruption Pancakes: Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Chocolate pancakes – chocolate chips & chocolate syrup – irresistible for mere mortals. 
  • Chandra’s Pyroblast Pancakes: Strawberry Banana – a delicious combination of banana-filled pancakes topped with fiery red strawberries, more bananas & strawberry syrup. Consume with haste. 
  • Vivien’s Heroic Protein Pancakes: Protein Power – protein-packed pancakes that are in tune with nature & in tune with your stomach.

Sounds magical to us!

Check out Magic: The Gathering‘s latest cool collaboration cards, here:

Spirit Halloween Movie Coming to Stream on Shudder

spirit halloween movie monsters based on chain animatronics
Spirit Halloween Movie

Remember the Spirit Halloween movie? Maybe you do, probably you don’t. But if you want to watch your favorite Halloween store transform into a horror movie you can now do so at any time. The Spirit Halloween movie will start streaming on Shudder beginning on October 2. This movie might not be what you call good, but it could be what you call a good time. Not to mention, according to Variety, it was shot in abandoned Toys R Us location in Georgia.

Relive the magic of the Spirit Halloween movie’s trailer, here:

Skittles Littles Invites You to Taste a Mini Rainbow

skittles littles coming soon

Admit it! Things are better when they’re teeny tiny. Just look at mini M&Ms! Well, Skittles wants to get into the fun now with Skittles Littles. These small candies are exactly what they sound like, Skittles but shrunk down to cute-size. We love it. A release shares, “Bursting with the five iconic fruity flavors of SKITTLES fans love, now in a tiny and more poppable form, SKITTLES Littles make it even easier to enjoy SKITTLES on-the-go.”

We can’t wait to taste the tiny rainbow. Skittles Littles are available now in stores and online.

If you’re looking for more adorable treats, take a look at this Girl Scout Cookie collaboration with Skippy P.B. Bites

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