RICK AND MORTY Season 7 Trailer Is a Wild and Wacky Cluster of Chaos

Rick and Morty are heading out for more twisted, odd, and overall confounding yet entertaining adventures in various universes. This ongoing saga about a sociopathic genius scientist, his oft-skittish grandson, and the rest of their weird family is in its seventh season. A new Rick and Morty season seven trailer proves that there are still many stories to tell and questions to answer. We really wanna know what is going on with evil Summer.

Rick is back and he’s not a pickle this time. Instead, he shows an unimpressed and probably exhausted Morty that he’s a leg. It’s the start of what is a chaotic collection of clips. Rick shoots a zombie in a graveyard and fake attends therapy. A society unsurprisingly collapses far quicker than it should, thanks to Rick and Morty existing. Perhaps the most exciting part of this is the return of Water-T. Of course, the person behind this voice is actor/rapper Ice-T. It is the one thing in life that makes sense.

We also get a few fun nods to movies like Air Force One and Transformers: Rise of the Beasts. This reflect the season’s very fun episode titles that pay homage to well-known movies from several genres. Who ever thought Rick and Morty would tip its hat at How Stella Got Her Groove Back? It’s shocking but we have seen some seriously strange stuff on this show. I dare say that the Rick and Morty season seven trailer is very on brand for this franchise, indeed. Rick is gonna Rick and Morty is gonna Morty.

What Is the Release Date for Rick and Morty Season Seven?

Rick and Morty trailer where Morty looks unimpressed at Rick's head on a leg
Adult Swim

Rick and Morty’s seventh season is coming on October 15 at 11PM PT/ET on Adult Swim. The season will head to streaming sometime in 2024.

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