THE MANDALORIAN Concept Art Reveals Bounty Hunters and Baby Yodas

One of the coolest parts of The Mandalorian actually comes after each episode is over. Series executive producers Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni made the wise decision to showcase the concept art for the series as the closing credits roll. And as any true Star Wars fan knows, the concept art for the galaxy far, far away is always stunning.

Now the official The Mandalorian twitter account has been revealing select pieces of concept art for the entire first season of the series from several of the series’ artists. And yes… this includes lots of “baby Yoda.” How could it not??

Nothing good ever happen in the sewers, even in the Star Wars galaxy.

These two biker scout troopers actually dared to lay hands on Baby Yoda. For this, they deserved everything they got.

If it wasn’t for the intervention of one Baby Yoda, we think Cara Dune was gonna win this arm wrestling match.

We’re gonna go out on a limb and say that the Razorcrest is the coolest new Star Wars ship since the Falcon. 

Anytime we go back to Tatooine, it’s always like going home.

Babysitting an infant? Make sure to take them to a wretched hive of scum and villainy. It’s perfect for a baby.

Who would have thought those chicken-walkers from Return of the Jedi could be legit terrifying??

Don’t you dare hiss at our Baby Yoda, you mean ol’ Loth cat.

Mando needed to “get himself one of those” jet packs after seeing them in action in episode three. (SPOILERS: he does get one).


The first image released shows the Mando and the world’s favorite fifty year old infant as they make their way back to the Razor Crest. This piece was illustrated by Christian Alzmann, who had a hand in creating several pieces of concept art for Lucasfilm dating back to the prequel days.

Who knew the Jawas were this good in a fight?? Too bad the Jawas who sold Luke Artoo and Threepio couldn’t hold their own against a bunch of stormtroopers. They should have taken fighting lessons from their off world cousins.

You can barely make out baby Yoda in his little floating bassinet in this image, but our hearts still melt anyway.

Many of the same artists designed a lot of creatures for George Lucas’ prequel trilogy, so it’s no surprise the creature than the Mandalorian fought in the cave is very similar to one of the beasts the Jedi fought in the arena on Geonosis in Attack of the Clones.

Creepy ominous caves in Star Wars are generally bad news. Just ask Luke or Rey.  This one is no exception


The Mando tries to put back together his Razor Crest after Jawas ripped it apart for scrap. This art from Ryan Church shows just how cool of a ship design the ship actually is.

These two belong airbrushed on the side of a van in 1979.

The concept design team at Lucasfilm remain the cream of the crop, as all of these images have proven. They have carried on the legacy of the late Ralph McQuarrie and taken his ideas into whole new realms. We hope that this trend of showcasing the concept art in the credits extends to other future Disney+ Star Wars series like the Obi-Wan show as well as the Rogue One prequel. Because no one ever tires of cool Star Wars concept art.

Header Image: Lucasfilm

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