Everyone Loves THE MANDALORIAN’s Baby Yoda

Since The Mandalorian was first announced, it’s been clear that it would take the internet by storm. But what no one was expecting was how much of a key role “the asset” would play in the viral love the show would get. First revealed at the end of episode one and now officially unveiled by the Star Wars Twitter account, that bounty is none other than a cutie who has been given the moniker of “ Baby Yoda“—not because it’s actually Yoda as a baby, but because the species has never been named. Alongside Yoda and Yaddle, this is only the third type of this enigmatic alien race that we’ve ever seen. As can be expected when something cute appears, the internet lost its collective mind and it’s been nothing less than a joy to watch. We’ve collected our favorite Baby Yoda reactions and memes for your perusing pleasure.

The largest reaction has been one of undying love, devotion, and willingness to die for the very cute bb alien.

It was a universal feeling online.

Like literally everyone is willing to take a bullet for the baby.

It’s become an obsession for some.

Helping each of us come to terms with how Yoda’s cuteness intersects with ours.

Even the cynical were taken in by Yoda’s cutie looks.

We told you…

Many fans have also been very enamored by his attempts to help the Mandalorian on his journey, which have been nothing less than… totally adorable!!

Reddit user Sagelegend shared this powerful meme that showcases just why we love Baby Yoda so damn much.

Baby Yoda looking cute with the words He Protec He Attac but most importantly he nap

It’s not all solely about his cuteness though—but it kind of is—there’s also the fact that he’s very powerful alongside being COMPLETELY lovable and the sweetest thing the galaxy has ever seen.

This very fun meme comes from Reddit user redfive5tandingby and is very relatable to all Baby Yoda and cute Star Wars critter fans.

A man looks lovingly after baby ypda whilsr BB-8 a porg and D0 look on

Seeing as it’s 2019, the internet quickly repurposed the good baby as a way to put that eternal phrase “Okay Boomer” to use.

We got this piece of “Ok Boomer” brilliance from Reddit User TheAbcool, who understands what we all need from Baby Yoda.

Baby Yoda sasses old yoda with the popular phrase Okay Boomer

It’s the crossover that everyone always wanted but none of us needed… Baby Yoda of the Year

Spoiler alert!!! Baby Yoda in… The Rise of Skywalker????

Sometimes you just need some joy and light in your life and this tweet delivers.

And on the contrary, this tweet should honestly be put in jail.

But in the end, we can all aspire to be as beautiful as the baby when we hit 50.

Header Image: Disney

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