This Ralph McQuarrie-Inspired STAR WARS Fan Animation Is Gorgeous

Darren Tibbles‘ entry in the Star Wars Fan Awards is nothing short of breathtaking. The freelance artist created a stunning “MegaMix” of action-packed Star Wars moments that seamlessly combines the old with the new, from Ralph McQuarrie’s original concept art of Luke Starkiller fighting Darth Vader to the high-speed speeder chase of Solo: A Star Wars Story.  If nothing else, he gets all of our adoration for giving us more of Enfys Nest (this is your regular reminder that Enfys Nest is magnificent). Watch:

Darren’s take on the galaxy far, far away is gritty and anime-inspired, with a focus on the fast-flying ships soaring among the stars and skimming the planetside. The influence of McQuarrie’s original concept art for the franchise can’t be missed, with the first designs for Luke and Darth Vader leaping into action in a scene that’s both familiar and unfamiliar.Also within the animation you’ll see scenes from an animated short Darren’s working on; it stars the Guardians of the Whills, Baze Malbus and Chirrut Imwe. Darren shared the all-too short Rogue One inspired animation on Instagram and has also noted he’s working on a way to complete this project in 2019.

Star Wars animation has long flourished as a storytelling medium, from The Clone Wars to Star Wars Rebels to the current series Star Wars Resistance. An anime-style series would fit right in, as Darren’s animation shows, and we hope we get to see it one day.

Featured Image: Darren Tibbles

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