The Jonas Brothers ‘Challenge’ the Hemsworths to a Fight

I don’t want to fight the Hemsworth brothers for a whole lot of reasons. For one, I enjoy the work of all three. Second, I would never want to fight any Australian. They’re good people… who could easily dispatch of me if I angered them. So I definitely don’t want to fight three of them, let alone three brothers. One of which is so believable as Thor I wouldn’t be surprised if he turned out to be an actual Norse god in disguise. No one in their right mind would ever challenge them to a brawl. Not even as a joke. So the Jonas Brothers better hope the Hemsworth boys don’t actually want to step into the UFC octagon with them.

Nick, Kevin, and Joe Jonas recently made a virtual visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. (Which we first saw at The Wrap.) They discussed their upcoming tour and memoir, as well as their new Olympics show where they attempt various athletic fetes. You know? Totally normal stuff you expect to hear from a popular band. What you don’t expect to hear, from just about anyone, is them wanting to fight Chris, Liam, and Luke Hemsworth.

When explaining the title of their memoir Blood, Joe Jonas said the name had to do with something besides being related. “We’re gonna take note from all the YouTubers that are having these boxing matches and we’re gonna have a big UFC match. It’s gonna be us versus the Hemsworth brothers,” he said. “The Hemsworths haven’t emailed us back yet, but it’s gonna be big.”

Three men all in split screenNBC

Kevin’s reaction to fighting Thor was the same as ours. It’s not funny to joke about that kind of thing. What if they seriously accepted? It would be a big event. As would the whooping the Hemsworth’s would put on them. No one should fight three brothers from Australia. Not unless it’s four brothers from Australia.

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