THE BOYS Bloopers Shows Jack Quaid Constantly Cracking Up

We all love The Boys for its cynical humor and shocking moments. And for holding up a mirror to our real-world problems. But underneath all of those things lies its pure heart. And its heart is really the character of Hughie Campbell, played by Jack Quaid. In a world of hedonism and morally compromised people, Hughie reminds us that there are still good people. Jack Quaid’s innate likability is what gives Hughie his heart. Basically, we just really like this guy.

Via Collider, we’ve come across this short blooper reel from season two of The Boys. In it, we see Quaid unable to stop himself from cracking up during a scene where he’s sedated and in a hospital bed. The scene comes from the sixth episode of season two. You can watch the blooper reel, posted by The Boys Twitter account, above.

This particular blooper comes from the episodes where Starlight (Erin Moriarty) and Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) bring Hughie to the hospital. This is right after he’s seriously wounded. But don’t judge Jack too harshly for not being able to keep his cool. You try to not laugh when hearing Karl Urban say lines like “every morning, he slathers his bum with creamy Desitin.”

Jack Quad as Hughie Campbell on The Boys.
Sony Television / Prime Video

We are not sure when the long-awaited third season of The Boys is coming out. The newest season wrapped filming in September, so it could be well into next year before we catch up with Hughie and the rest. In the meantime, if you love Jack Quaid as much as we do, you can check him out in his other currently running series, Star Trek: Lower Decks. Much like Hughie on The Boys, his Trek character of Brad Boimler is also the heart of that show. And next year, he stars in the fifth Scream film. Hopefully, he doesn’t start laughing every time he’s in a scene with Ghostface.

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