Tenacious D Channel The Beatles for Charity Video

If you cover the Beatles, almost inarguably the greatest rock band in history, it’s usually at your own peril. Sure, lots of folks have done it. But the usual reaction is “yeah, it’s ok, but it’s not the Beatles.” So the best way to cover some Lennon and McCartney classics is to just do it with a sense of humor the whole time. And to make sure it’s all for a good cause. And that’s exactly what Tenacious D just did.

Jack Black and Kyle Gass did their take on the classic Abbey Road tracks, “You Never Give Me Your Money” and “The End,” for a new seven-inch vinyl release for charity. It’s mostly a faithful rendition, but this is Tenacious D. Meaning they can’t not add in their own irreverent lyrics to te whole thing too. You can see the music video for their new Beatles tribute right here. The limited-edition vinyl release of the Beatles medley will have all proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders. You can follow the link in the video to order your copy.

Fans might remember that Tenacious D was planning a summer tour for last year. But then, 2020 happened. Nevertheless, we did see the boys perform last year, just not live. In a remote performance, Tenacious D played “Save the World” and “ Post-Apocalypto Theme” on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last year. Hopefully, as the world starts opening up again, the tour meant for last year can actually happen finally.

Tenacious D performing their Beatles medley.

Tenacious D

Of course, Jack Black has kept busy during this time by dressing up as every member of the Avengers and making extremely silly videos for Instagram. Hey, we all had to find some way to entertain ourselves during the peak of quarantine. So why not dress up in your own backyard as Spider-Man and Captain America?  Or as Obi-Wan Kenobi? There are worse ways to spend the summer months.

Featured Image: Tenacious D

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