Everything You Need to Remember About TED LASSO Season 2

Every member of AFC Richmond knows the value in being a goldfish. That’s great advice for professional athletes, but not so much for television viewers. We don’t want to forget what happened on our favorite TV shows. But don’t worry if you can’t remember everything that occurred during Ted Lasso‘s second season. We went and watched game tape to get you ready for the show’s return to Apple TV+ for season three on March 15.

AFC Richmond Earned a Promotion Back to the Premier League

Coach Beard, Ted Lasso, and Roy Kent stand in a line in AFC Richmond's locker room
Apple TV

Season one ended with AFC Richmond relegated to a lower league. But Coach Lasso and the Greyhounds turned things around in season two. The club earned a promotion back to England’s top soccer division, the 20-team Premier League. That’s the good news. The bad news is that even though they’re back with the top dogs, it definitely won’t be easy for Ted to fulfill his season one finale promise to Rebecca. AFC Richmond will need to pull off an all-time upset to “win the whole f***ing thing.”

Nate Betrayed Ted and Now Manages Rupert’s New Premier League Team

Nate Shelley in a blck suit talks to Ted Lasso in Ted's office
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Ted Lasso elevated the lovable Nate Shelley, AFC Richmond’s former kit man, to assistant coach in season one. As a thank you Nate the Great spent season two turning into an egotistical narcissist rage monster. The “Wonder Kid” was unhappy over his perceived lack of respect and appreciation from Ted after Roy Kent joined the coaching staff.

That unearned animosity led Nate to betray his friend. He leaked the truth about Ted’s panic attacks to (the now fired) Trent Crimm of The Independent. Nate then ripped down Ted’s “Believe” sign before walking out on the team to manage West Ham United. Rebecca’s ex-husband (and new dad), the cruel Rupert, bought West Ham to get back at Rebecca.

Roy and Keeley’s Wonderful Relationship Is on the Rocks Because of… Reasons?

Roy stands behind Keeley looking over her shoulder to her iPad on Ted Lasso
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The biggest problem Roy and Keeley seemed to have during season one was him smothering her. Once he realized she needed alone time things got even better in their already great relationship. It also helped that the recently retired Roy found something to do. At first he excelled at his new job as a gruff, foul-mouthed, no-nonsense football TV analyst. Ultimately, though, he couldn’t stay away from the pitch and accepted Ted’s offer to become an assistant coach for AFC Richmond.

Meanwhile, following the successful promotion of dating app Bantr, Keeley received funding to open her own PR firm. But that also meant she couldn’t go with Roy on his surprise six-week holiday, which further strained their already tenuous relationship. For reasons that remain unclear even to them, the two started drifting apart over the latter half of the season. It was almost as if neither of them (though especially Roy) couldn’t handle actually being in a happy, loving relationship.

Jamie Hates His Dad and Loves Keeley

Jamie and Keeley dressed in dark funeral clothes look at one another on Ted Lasso
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One problem we know Roy and Keeley’s relationship faced was Jamie Tartt. The talented striker who rejoined AFC Richmond told Keeley he still loves her. He feels the complete opposite about his horrible emotionally abusive dad.

A stern-faced Jamie stands motionless while his bearded father leans in real close laughing at him in the locker room on Ted Lasso
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Jamie started season two starring on a reality dating show. He signed up for the series and abandoned his Manchester City team specifically to anger his father, a big Man City fan. Then he returned to AFC Richmond. Jamie’s dad got “revenge” after the two teams played. He mocked Jamie in the AFC Richmond locker room after Man City’s big win. That led to Jamie breaking down in front of his teammates and Roy embracing his former foe.

Rebecca and Sam Finally Committed to One Another

Sam and Rebecca look at each other outside her house on Ted Lasso
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Rebecca had an up and down second season. She reconnected with her goddaughter and saw her team earn a promotion. However, she also lost her dad and learned her mother always knew about her husband’s infidelity. The detestable Rupert also had a child with his new wife Bex after always telling Rebecca he didn’t want kids. He told her maybe he just didn’t want to have kids with her. (Detestable is too kind a word for him, right?)

Sam and Edwin stand next to one another in a museum on Ted Lasso
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But it’s not obvious how anyone should feel about her new romance. As happy as it makes her it could also ruin her. Rebecca connected with someone anonymously on Bantr (no pictures allowed), and that person turned out to be AFC Richmond’s own Sam Obisanya. At first the two decided a romantic relationship would be wrong, but by season’s end they elected to be together. His affection for her is in part why he rejected a massive offer from Ghanaian billionaire Edwin Akufo to join his team. (Edwin did not handle hearing “no” well.) Instead Sam is staying with the Greyhounds and Rebecca. He’s also opening his own Nigerian restaurant.

Sports Psychologist Dr. Sharon Fieldstone Left AFC Richmond, But She’s Not Gone

Sharon and Ted sit face to face in Ted Lasso
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Ted’s unease with Sports Psychologist Sharon Fieldstone being around the team didn’t last. Ted eventually started seeing her after his panic attacks became too much for him to handle. The coach the world knows as an unfailingly upbeat and positive person has significant problems. He’s troubled by his long distance relationship with his son and is still dealing with the fallout of his recent divorce. But his most important session with the Doctor focused on his unresolved issues of anger and grief at his dad’s suicide when Ted was 16.

Despite insisting on professional boundaries, Sharon also grew fond of Ted. She warmed up to him and stopped being so cold personally. She also hates tea just as much as he does. And he even took care of her after a bicycle accident. That’s how Ted discovered “Doc” (a nickname she only allows him to use) is a person with alcohol use disorder.

Her time with AFC Richmond ended with season two, but she told Ted she’ll always be there for her. The Doc might be gone from the team, but she’s not gone from Ted’s life.

The Rest of AFC Richmond’s Football Club

Dani Rojas on the pitch during training happy with his arms held wide on Ted Lasso
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Coach Beard is still with Jane, even though their relationship worries everyone around him (especially Leslie Higgins). Dani Rojas got his mojo back after his free kick in the season two premiere accidentally killed the team’s dog mascot. “Football is life,” again, not death. And Captain Isaac McAdoo regained his confidence after some help from Roy, an experience that brought the grumpy Kent back to the pitch.

And that’s everything you need to know before Ted Lasso season three. But don’t worry if you’re a goldfish and forget. You better believe we won’t delete this so you can come back and read it again.

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