Taika Waititi’s Voicing a Droid in THE MANDALORIAN

Star Wars is coming to live-action on the television for the first time with The Mandalorian. Starring Pedro Pascal as the yet unnamed title character, the series set after Return of the Jedi and before the sequel trilogy follows the story of a lone gunfighter. Jon Favreau is writing and executive producing the series; he’s working with a number of talented directors to tell the tale, including Taika Waititi…and it looks like Waititi is voicing a certain assassin droid.

Favreau shared a photo on Instagram of Waititi recording lines for a droid that appears to be IG-88, one of the many bounty hunters seen alongside Boba Fett in The Empire Strikes Back. Lucasfilm hasn’t confirmed that the assassin droid Favreau first released an image of on Christmas Day is IG-88, but rumors point to it being likely. Nerdist reached out to Lucasfilm for confirmation but has not heard back at time of publish.

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After Waititi’s performance as Korg in Thor: Ragnarok, I’m in favor of him voicing every droid in the series. And frankly, I’m fine if they all sound like Korg.

IG-88 has hunted for Han Solo more than once (including looking for the smuggler after he deserted from the Imperial Army in Solo: A Star Wars Story), Qi’ra, and Leia Organa. Behind the scenes, no one imagined IG-88 would be anything more than filler for the line-up Darth Vader hired. The droid’s mean to look vicious and ready to kill with a bulking design. The IG-series of assassin droids are all about hunting and ruthlessly killing their prey.

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