Jon Favreau’s STAR WARS Series Will Take Place Between RETURN OF THE JEDI and THE FORCE AWAKENS

A long time ago, in our very own galaxy, a new  Star Wars adventure was the sort of thing you had years—occasionally even decades!—for. The incredible success of Star Wars‘ return to the limelight with  The Force Awakens has ushered in a growing legion of standalone pictures, extra-curricular movie trilogies to be handled by the likes of Rian Johnson and  Game of Thrones creators D.B. Weiss and David Benioff, and now, a live-action TV series written and produced by Jon Favreau.

UPDATE, 5/11/18 – The first bit of news about Favreau’s forthcoming Star Wars series hit the web on Thursday night, courtesy of our own Dan Casey, who spoke to the filmmaker at the premiere for Solo: A Star Wars Story. As it turns out, the show will take place seven years after A New Hope‘s Battle of Yavin, after the Return of the Jedi, and thus approximately 27 years before the events of The Force Awakens. Additionally, Favreau’s series will feature brand new characters, many of which will be brought to life thanks to the same technology the director utilized to create the animal stars of his 2016 hit The Jungle Book.3/8/18 – Disney announced that Favreau, best known for directing Iron Man and currently at work on a star-studded CGI remake of The Lion King, will be bringing the project to life for the company’s new direct-to-consumer platform. (Favreau also has a part in  Solo: A Star Wars Story, and has voiced Pre Vizsla on  Star Wars: The Clone Wars.


Star Wars has had a presence on the small screen since the 1980s, with animated series like Droids and Ewoks and a substantially more consistent output since the dawn of 2005’s Clone Wars series (which preceded a second Clone Wars program, Rebels, and the more recent venture Forces of Destiny). But Favreau’s yet unnamed project will be the franchise’s first ever live-action TV show.

As of now, details on the new Star Wars series are scant; we don’t know when in the chronology it will take place or if it will involve familiar or yet unknown characters. Given that Rian Johnson’s developing trilogy is said to involve worlds and figures thus far unknown to Star Wars fans, we can’t exactly rule out the possibility that Favreau’s show will engage an entirely new story set in the Star Wars universe.

We’ll keep our ears to the ground for more info, but let us know what you’re hoping to see in Star Wars‘ first ever live-action series.

Featured Image: Lucasfilm

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