Tom Hiddleston’s Korg Impression Is Too Perfect

Avengers: Infinity War is a gift for multiple reasons: it’s an epic-scale payoff after 10 years of Marvel movies, it features a ton of amazing facial hair, and it’s given us quality extracurricular entertainment from the cast as they’ve done press to promote the movie. They’ve been doing interviews for weeks, sometimes solo and sometimes in pairs. They’ve read mean tweets, performed an Avengers version of The Brady Bunch, and have done impressions of their fellow cast members.

While talking with BBC Radio 1, Tom Hiddleston just casually dropped a spot on impersonation of Korg, Taika Waititi‘s mo-cap character from Thor: Ragnarok. It’s at about two minutes in when Letitia Wright (Shuri) talks about how much she likes the rocky character.

Ugh. Could Hiddleston just stop being so good at everything? Enough is enough.

He’s not the only Marvel superhero capable of knocking out a quality impression. When Benedict Cumberbatch stopped by BBC Radio 1 and talked about how he stops Tom Holland from divulging spoilers about Infinity War, he captures the youth’s accent and mannerisms perfectly.

Yeah, the Avengers save the universe and everything, but this? This is the kind of heroism we deserve.

Do you do impressions of any of the Marvel characters or actors? Tell us about them in the comments or share a clip of your impression with us on Twitter.

Images: Marvel

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