Taika Waititi Directs a Dancing Daniel Craig in This Hilarious Vodka Ad 

If anyone was taking bets on what Daniel Craig’s next project would be after James Bond, there probably wasn’t a lot of money on dancing in a vodka TV ad. But here we are, and what a pleasant surprise this is for the holiday season. While we’ve seen Craig solve crimes, ride horses, and even play a stormtrooper, we’ve never seen him quite like this. In either all black or all white outfits, he struts the streets, gets down on a helipad, and splashes around in a pool. Even if it doesn’t end up selling a lot of Belvedere vodka, it’s certainly making people thirsty.

Now that he’s done with 007, Craig gyrates and simpers his way through a Rita Ora song. The video is directed by her reported husband, Taika Waititi, who you may know from Our Flag Means Death and Thor: Love and Thunder. The director’s cut above comes with a few outtakes at the end, which is really the cherry on top of this already-delicious Shirley Temple vodka cocktail.  

Daniel Craig in black slacks and a black tank top dancing in a hallway
Belvedere Vodka

Highlights include a gold chain, some unexpected hip movements, and Craig’s novel (and badass) way of opening the bottle of Belvedere. He also sports some bling with his initials on it. We certainly never expected to see that smile from the usually serious actor.

Time will tell if Craig’s dancing skills will overtake his popularity as a meme introducing the weekend. The much anticipated Knives Out sequel is also coming out soon. Here’s hoping Rian Johnson found a way to work famed private investigator Benoit Blanc’s dance moves into the movie.

Daniel Craig smiling with a diamond DC in his teeth
Belvedere Vodka

After enjoying the Belvedere ad as many times as necessary, we also recommend taking a trip down memory lane to Christopher Walken’s remarkable dancing. Spike Jonze directed Fatboy Slim’s “Weapon of Choice” music video way back in 2000 and it shares the same vibe.

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