The Faroe Islands Made a Gravestone for James Bond

Visitors to the Faroe Islands can now pay their respects to James Bond. Daniel Craig’s tenure as the beloved MI6 agent concluded with No Time to Die. It marked a bittersweet end for a largely successful Bond era, made only more tragic by Bond’s death. Now Bond fans can pay their respects. Maybe even leave a little bulldog with a Union Jack figurine or Fou Fou replica. The Faroe Islands, where No Time to Die filmed James Bond’s demise, made gravestone to celebrate the character. 

Now this is a proper send-off!

And the Faroe Islands put a whole lot of care into constructing the perfect tombstone. (We first saw this at IndieWire.) For one, Bond’s gravestone matches his parents’. We briefly saw it in Skyfall ( my favorite of Craig’s five Bond outings). The grave also includes an epitaph with the Jack London quote in M’s eulogy to Bond in No Time to Die: “The proper function of man is to live, not to exist.”

No Time to Die used the island of Kalsoy as Safin’s evil headquarters, where Bond eventually kills the terrorist before sadly meeting his own demise. It’s not lost on the Faroe Islands that this is the very first time in the franchise’s history that Bond dies. So the islanders opted to pay their respects in a moving way.

The James Bond tombstone on the Faroe Islands
Guide to Faroe Islands

The Guide to the Faroe Islands explained explained their commemoration of the MI6 agent:

The grand finale of No Time to Die stands out as the first time in the history of the franchise that James Bond never returns home. What makes this pivotal scene extra special to Faroe Islanders is that it takes place against the backdrop of Kalsoy’s mesmerising nature.

Now, local villagers have taken it upon themselves to erect a tombstone in memory of the renowned spy. Made from Faroese basalt, the gravestone has been cut by an acclaimed stonemason in the village of Skopun. It has then been transported to the exact location on Kalsoy, where Bond meets his fate in No Time to Die.

Faroe Island visitors can also embark on a whole  James Bond tour of the island. James Bond’s gravestone and the site of his death is certainly a must-see for fans. After the National Gallery and Embankment tube station, of course.

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