Daniel Craig Finally Knows His Weekend Video Is an Internet Staple

When Daniel Craig isn’t playing James Bond, he’s minding his own business. And I mean that literally. He isn’t active on social media so he doesn’t know when and if people are talking about him. In fact, the No Time to Die actor had no idea that he’s the source of a viral video that inadvertently celebrates the weekend in an apathetic way. That is, until now.

A quick recap for those who may not know what I’m talking about. Craig was a host on Saturday Night Live back in March 2020 the same night that The Weeknd was the music entertainer. He introduces the artist with the now-classic line “Ladies and gentlemen… The Weeknd.” It is not a funny sentence by itself but when you combine Craig’s “it is what it is” facial expression, exhale, and shrug, it becomes comedy gold.

The brief moment took on a life of its own with Twitter poking some fun at the star. And some genius made a page dedicated to the moment, reposting the intro every Friday to usher us into the weekend. The Weeknd himself thinks it’s a clever play on his stage name and the phrase for Saturday and Sunday.

Craig recently did an interview with The New York Times (which we learned about via Entertainment Weekly) in which he was asked about the meme. He had no idea what the interviewer was talking about. However, once he got an explanation, Daniel Craig gave his lovely opinion on all the hoopla. “They do?” he said. “It’s amazing. I don’t know what that is, but thank you. That’s lovely. I suppose I’d have to have social media to know what that was all about.”

Daniel Craig about to introduce the musical act The Weeknd on Saturday Night Live.


Ahh, it must be nice to be unaware of what happens on social media. While this is a fun aspect of it all, there are other things that really suck. Daniel Craig is probably doing the right thing by avoiding it all. Although, it would be funny if he suddenly got a Twitter account and recreated that moment for fan pleasure. If not, this video gold is more than enough to hold us over for many weekends to come.

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