Gaze at Henry Cavill Building a Gaming PC

“Henry Cavill putting together a computer” might not sound like compelling content, but we are riveted. And we’re not ashamed to admit we’ve watched it more than once. Cavill, famously known as both Superman and the Witcher, can now add PC Builder to his list of notable roles. Also known for being a dedicated gamer, Cavill knew what he was getting into when he bought his new gaming rig, and he set up a camera to capture his journey.

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Doesn’t this video need a NSFW warning? “You may see a lot of parts that you haven’t seen before,” warns Cavill in the caption. And then the Barry White song kicks in, and you can’t turn your eyes away for five incredible minutes of… PC building.

The perfect soundtrack and black tank top aside, there’s one thing we really love about Cavill’s slightly self-deprecating video. If you’ve ever put together a PC, you absolutely know the emotions running through his mind as he stares at the instructions. (Despair and confusion, just to name two possibilities.)

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill

But he handles the entire building process like a champ, and patiently and carefully puts together the pieces to finish the computer of his dreams. He even takes the time to finish a cosmetic error that would have left most of us saying, “Eh, f*** it, it works.” His long hours of gaming are just beginning.

Cavill has also spent his time in quarantine painting gaming miniatures. If anyone has been doing lockdown right, it’s him.

See the gamer in action next in Netflix’s upcoming movie Enola Holmes and the second season of The Witcher.

Featured Image: Henry Cavill

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