Artist Reimagines Superheroes in Old Plastic Halloween Costumes

If you grew up anytime from the ’60s to the early ’90s, then you remember the old Ben Cooper Halloween costumes. This company produced several cheap, plastic costumes based on pop culture favorites, then worn by millions of kids across America. But more often than not, the costumes came across as weird and off putting. Plus, at time, the masks were just plain creepy. The costumes weren’t really designed to look like the characters they represented. They so much as just had character’s face and logos splashed on the front. But for a whole generation, these costumes bring on all the nostalgic feels.


Old Guys Who Like Old Comic Books

Now, thanks to retro comics website 13th Dimension, we’ve discovered the work of cartoonist Karl Heitmueller Jr. He’s created a whole series of illustrations showcasing superheroes wearing the actual old school plastic costumes that kids wore back in the day. These are versions of the actual Halloween costumes instead of their, shall we say, more on-model outfits. Down below are some of our favorites:

Yes, the old Batman and Batgirl costume kids used to wear for Halloween had the words “Batman” and “Batgirl” displayed on the front and on the mask. In case anyone giving out candy thought you were supposed to be some other bat-themed superhero.


Karl Heitmueller Jr. 

We think that in Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse 2, Peter B. Parker needs to wear this cheap-o get up. We love the yellow shoulders.


Karl Heitmueller Jr. 

Yes, the classic Superman costume really used to come with a red domino mask. Don’t ask us why. It really did have a disclaimer that said “Only Superman Can Fly,” to make sure kids didn’t think they suddenly have Kryptonian powers and could now jump off a roof.


Karl Heitmueller Jr. 

Just like her Justice League buddies Superman and Batman, Wonder Woman also had her name written across her chest. In case you forgot who she was at the superhero work conference.


Karl Heitmueller Jr. 

I’m advocating for at least one of the evil speedsters the Flash always fights to wear this costume at least once.


Karl Heitmueller Jr. 

Those don’t look like wings on your head Cap. They look like earmuffs.


Karl Heitmueller Jr. 

These Avengers never looked less threatening than in the Halloween versions of their costumes. We can just hear Thanos laughing at them.


Karl Heitmueller Jr. 

It is perhaps for the best that Daredevil can’t see the terrible Halloween version of his outfit.


Karl Heitmueller Jr. 

Heitmueller plans to do more art featuring famous superheroes wearing their old retro Halloween costumes, including Supergirl, the Hulk, Aquaman, the Phantom, and more. To check out more of amazing work, be sure to head on over to Karl Heitmueller Jr.’s website, his Instagram account, or his Etsy shop.

Featured Image: Karl Heitmueller Jr.

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