STRANGER THINGS 4 Drops a Dark Final Trailer

Stranger Things week is upon us. Netflix’s flagship show is back for its fourth season, which will bring on the dark horror. The Stranger Things 4 trailer blew us away and everything we know about the season so far sounds awesome. Days ahead of its release, we got to see the first eight minutes of the season opener. And now we are getting the final Stranger Things 4 trailer with a few glimpses of the action. 

We hear a voiceover telling someone to not be heroes and that there’s no shame in running away. Riiiiggghhhhttt. Our crew would never ever take that advice. Even if they wanted to run, they cannot hide from the darkness. Max is in some odd (and very red) realm with floating clocks, Dustin says the odds don’t matter, and Mike reminds them that they are all a team.

Oh, and there’s that very awesome scene of Lucas, Erica, Dustin, and Max riding their bikes in Hawkins while Nancy, Eddie, Steve, and Robin do the same in the other realm. How the heck did not one but FOUR people end up in Vecna’s hood? Who knows with this crew. Meanwhile, Mike, Jonathan, and Will are getting shot at so they aren’t bored either. Oh dear. 

photo of weird realm where Max is in stranger things 4

Stranger Things 4 will also dive into Hopper’s story over in Russia, which we see once again see appear in this trailer. And Joyce and Murray are reuniting likely in order to find out where he is and hopefully save him. He looks like he’s going through hell so maybe they can make haste. So that’s it… our final look before Stranger Things 4 Volume One takes over our weekend with seven long episodes. Summer 2022 is starting off on the right foot. We can’t wait to see what’s in store.

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