STRANGER THINGS 3 Spoiler Discussion

Hello everyone! We’re very excited Stranger Things 3 is upon us. Below you’ll find everything you need or want to know about the supernatural events in Hawkings, IN, from our wildest theories and season four predictions to character breakdowns and power rankings.

Down in the comments, feel free to discuss anything you’re thinking regarding the show. All spoilers are welcome so if you are averse to spoilers or haven’t fully finished the season, BEWARE THE COMMENTS. Join us! And if you have any questions that we haven’t answered yet, let us know!

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Now that the show is here, we’ve got a whole bunch of new spoiler-filled pieces for you to explore, debate, and generally luxuriate in.

If you want to get into the Stranger Things spirit but want to stay relatively spoiler-free check out our roundup of the first reviews for the newest season. 

Billy’s character arc is one of the most interesting and tragic this season, so if you want to know a little more about Dacre Montogomery and his quest to bring that to the screen check out our set visit interview.

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If you’re just getting started on the series we’ve got some thoughts about what the classic zombie movie, Day of the Dead can tell us about the rest of season 3.

We were loving the mall montage in this episode so we looked back at 7 of our favorite movie mall sequences and how they influenced Stranger Things 3.

Billy had a rough journey this time around and after his interaction with the Upside Down we were inspired to pick 7 of our favorite body snatcher movies.

We know he’s beloved but the truth is after the first couple of episodes, we need to talk about Chief Hopper.

Full Season Spoilers

What did you think of the season? Here are our 10 favorite moments!

If you want to explore the world and setting of Stranger Things via the movies, let’s take a look at what was playing at Starcourt Mall’s movie theater?

We need to talk about THAT MUSICAL MOMENT from the finale.

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If you’re a horror fan you probably noticed the brilliant body horror homages that filled this season.

Get your summer soundtrack ready with our Stranger Things 3 playlist

One of the best things about Stranger Things 3 was the centering of all the radical women who had often been slightly left out before. 

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Now that this season is done it’s time to explore whether or not this season introduced a secret new villain…

Here’s how Stranger Things 3 dealt with Communism and the Soviet Union.

We love everyone in Stranger Things, especially when they join forces. Here are all of our favorite team-ups from season three, ranked.

We’re already looking ahead to season 4 and how this season set it up!

Head below for all the spoiler discussion you can handle!

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