Check Out the Cover for the New KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES Book, STELLARLUNE

Shannon Messenger’s Keeper of the Lost Cities series has enchanted readers for a decade. Those readers cannot wait for the ninth book of the bestselling middle grade fantasy Stellarlune. We’re excited to reveal the cover exclusively here on Nerdist. Stellarlune continues the story of Sophie, a young telepath. Growing up, her stranger powers have impacted her life. But that all changes when she discovers a world where she belongs and finds others like her.

The colorful Stellarlune cover showcases characters Sophie, Maruca, and Marella. Illustrated gorgeously by Jason Chan, this fantastical vision will likely enthrall new and old readers alike. While we don’t want to spoil anything, the book picks up directly from the last entry into the series, Unlocked. That installment saw Sophie and Keefe uncover new powers and dark secrets.

A still from The cover for Stellarlune shows three young women, one Black with long braids and two white standing in front of a swirling colorful background
Simon & Schuster

Author Shannon Messenger is a huge fan of the cover. “Every time we start a cover discussion, there’s a tiny part of me that wonders how Jason Chan can possibly top his previous illustrations for the series,” Messenger told Nerdist. “And every time, he seriously blows me away! This cover might even be my all time favorite! (Look at those colors!) It’s particularly exciting because there’s such incredible girl power on display. Sadly, I can’t share what’s happening in the scene (no spoilers!) but I will say that it’s a moment I’ve been building toward from the very beginning. My readers have waited so patiently for this book, I’m so excited for them to finally see what happens next. HUGE surprises ahead!”

Deadline recently reported Ben Affleck is attached to direct Disney’s live-action film based on the Keeper of the Lost Cities series. Affleck will also produce through his Pearl Street Films company. He’ll adapt the script with Kate Gritmon. So if you’ve always wanted to see the books come to life then you’re in luck!

Until then enjoy this beautiful cover. You can check out Stellarlune when it hits shelves on November 8.

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