Snickers Seasoning Blend Makes Every Meal Taste Like Candy

Yes, you read that headline correctly. And your eyes don’t deceive you. Your tastebuds will rejoice. There is now a seasoning blend with the luscious combination of chocolate, caramel, and peanuts. Snickers Shakers is a team up between B&G Foods and Mars. And it’s not even the first of its kind. Last year, they released a Twix version! There’s the obvious way to use the seasoning—shake it on ice cream or other desserts. But why not branch out into savory foods? There’s recipe recommendations but the sky is truly the limit.

A container of Snickers Shakers seasoning next to a plate of pancakes, a bowl of sliced bananas, and a smaller bowl with the seasoning
B&G Foods, Inc.

“We’re pleased to expand our wildly popular licensed seasoning blends line with the addition of Snickers, one of the most iconic chocolate bars of all time,” said Jordan Greenberg, who has the cool job title of president of spices & seasonings for B&G Foods. We saw the announcement via PR Newswire.

It’s really the recipe ideas that are fun to dig into. Of course there’s plenty of food to dust with the seasoning, like pancakes and soft pretzels. But there’s also the interesting idea to mix the seasoning into butter or cream cheese. That opens up a lot of possibilities. There’s even a recipe for BBQ sauce using the Twix seasoning, with the below photo of it slathered onto chicken wings. I admit, I would try it.

Twix-flavored seasoning next to a bowl of chicken wings with BBQ sauce made from the brand's recipe
B&G Foods, Inc.

This isn’t the first time candy has popped up in an unconventional place. Who could forget Starburst-flavored energy drinks? There’s also Kraft mac and cheese that tastes like candy. And even Cadbury creme egg-flavored mayonnaise. Now Snickers and Twix seasoning blends don’t seem nearly as odd in comparison!

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