These Starburst-Flavored Energy Drinks Are The Juiciest Ever

Starburst is an impeachable candy. Whether or not those chewy sweet treats are actually juicy, they are delicious. And now, things are getting even juicer… Thanks to a new line of Starburst-flavored energy drinks.

Four cans of Starburst-flavored energy drinks arranged in different mannersC4 Energy

Nutrabolt, the company behind the energy drink C4 Energy, has teamed up with Mars Wrigley for a tasty crossover. They’ve partnered on four original zero-sugar Starburst candy-inspired flavors. So if you’re looking for a jolt, you can now get it in Strawberry, Cherry, Orange, and Lemon. All of which are heading to stores just in time for Halloween. The perfect option for people who genuinely want to maximize how much candy they can both get and consume while trick-or-treating as fast as they can.

“We set out to find the perfect partnership that would combine the strengths of two recognizable brands known for incredible flavor and unbelievably devoted customer bases,” said John Herman, Chief Commercial Officer of Nutrabolt, in a statement. “Over two years in the making, both teams worked together to deliver the closest possible candy flavor experience via our zero-sugar performance energy drinks that will ignite one’s taste buds and exceed flavor expectations. The innovative flavor collaboration created with Mars Wrigley was inspired by our unwavering commitment to serve our loyal fans and help them maximize their performance while also having fun in the process.”

A can of Starburst flavored energy drink next to pink Starburst candiesC4 Energy

You’ll be able to grab your favorite Starburst energy drink in 16-ounces cans. You can pick yours up at, Amazon, and “over 20,000 doors within key retailers such as Vitamin Shoppe, Publix, Giant Eagle, Kum & Go, Gold’s Gym, and 24 Hour Fitness.”

How do they taste, though? Our very own Rotem Rusak has already tried this combo concoction. She says, “Yup, it definitely tastes like Starbursts.” That’s good enough for us. Because really, what more can we ask for than that? We hope you can try your own Starburst-flavored energy drink very soon.

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