Heinz Is Releasing Cadbury Crème Egg Mayonnaise (Really. Yes, REALLY.)

Can the world handle Cadbury Crème Egg-flavored mayonnaise? We’re about to find out, whether we like it or not.

Every April 1, brands across the world unleash their silliest, most ridiculous ideas for fake products, all in the name of fun. Clever concepts give consumers a good chuckle, but then the next day the gag is over and we all move on. That’s how it works. But not this time. This year, Heinz in the UK isn’t joking around, because it turns out the absurd condiment they announced on April Fool’s Day is real, and it’s going to crack open a whole new jar of dining options. Get ready for Cadbury Crème Egg mayo.

Everything about this sweet-flavored team up from Heinz and Cadbury (which we learned about at The Irish Post) screams prank, and it certainly seemed that way when Heinz UK shared it with the world on the day we celebrate Saint Fool. (Note: That is not what April Fool’s Day is.) But the next day, they revealed this seemingly unholy concoction is very real, and they will be releasing it to the public ahead of Easter, as part of Heinz’s 150th anniversary celebration.

Heinz swears this product, made with their (Seriously) Good Mayonnaise and Cadbury’s Crème Egg fondant with chocolate is actually quite good, calling it perfect for waffles and crumpets.


Heinz Is Releasing Cadbury Crème Egg Mayonnaise (Really. Yes, REALLY.)_1

But even if they’re right and this weird mixture is genuinely delicious, it will only be available for a short time. They’re giving it away at a pop-up installation from April 11 to 13 at the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane in London.

And uh, well, if any of you fellow fools wouldn’t mind grabbing us some, that’d be great. We love a good joke, especially the kind we can eat.

Images: Heinz/Cadbury

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