Kraft’s Candy Mac and Cheese Is a Weird Valentine’s Treat

Last September Kraft celebrated the fall season and all its glory with a special pumpkin spice version of its iconic mac and cheese. The seemingly weird concoction wasn’t really that strange, though. Pumpkin is a tried-and-true ingredient in many pasta dishes; that’s a flavor combo foodies know can work wonderfully. However, we’re less certain about their latest unique limited-edition release. Because while turning their mac and cheese pink for Valentine’s Day isn’t that bizarre, making it taste like candy sure is.

Kraft's Candy Mac and Cheese is a Weird Valentine's Treat_1Kraft Macaroni and Cheese

Kraft is back with another giveaway for a product you won’t find in stores. It’s sending out away 1,000 boxes of its all-new Candy Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. It’s a special Valentine’s Day-inspired take on that pantry staple. The company says “this limited-edition flavor boost will romance your noodles with a new pink color and make them taste like candy.” And while Kraft admits that this dish sounds weird, they also say “love makes people do strange things.”

Yes, both parts of that statement are true.

Hmm. Sure looks…..good?

If you’re hoping to snag a box for yourself, or to share some candied-noodles with that special someone in your life on Valentine’s Day, all you have to do for a chance to win is enter at Kraft’s official site. No purchase necessary.  But if you don’t win you can always try making your own. Maybe? We’re thinking grab a box of regular Kraft Mac and Cheese, some pink food coloring, and, uh, sugar? Candy?

We’re not exactly sure. Unlike Kraft’s Pumpkin Spice take, this version doesn’t make nearly as much sense. But it does have something in common with the company’s autumnal dish—we’d still eat. We really love mac and cheese. And we really love candy. Maybe together they’re a match made in heaven. A bizarre pink heaven.

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