Eleven Fights Monsters in the SMITE x STRANGER THINGS Crossover

Plenty of familiar video game titles have popped up throughout Netflix’s Geeked Week presentation. But very few of them are actually taking form as new games. On Friday, Netflix advertised the television show adaptations of The Witcher, Castlevania, and Cuphead. But amid all that hullabaloo, the streaming site made time for the reverse: a TV show-turned-video game. And here we have our look at Stranger Things’ next step into the video game world. The Netflix series’ fan favorite characters Eleven and Hopper take new form in the online game Smite. You can check out the gameplay in the new video below:

In the above clip, we see Eleven and Hopper teaming up to defeat a grotesque and colossal Demogorgon… before moving onto the equally horrifying Mind Flayer.

If you’re not familiar with Smite and are only here out of Stranger Things fandom, here’s the deal. Smite is a multiplayer online battle arena game in which you play as gods and mythological figures. (In fact, this has been a matter of controversy at certain points throughout the game’s tenure.) The latest addition to the roster isn’t a god per se, but does pack powers beyond any mere mortal. We mean Stranger Things‘ Eleven, whose arsenal of abilities is eternally wowing.

Stranger Things' Eleven is on the phone


By her side in this rendezvous is her adoptive pop Hopper. Now, he’s not exactly gifted with the same caliber of power, but he’s not one to let Eleven traipse into battle without backup.

At present, we’re waiting for Eleven, Hopper, and the rest of the Stranger Things collective to return to Netflix for a fourth season. In the meantime, we’ll have Smite to quench our thirst for the sort of adventures that only happen in Hawkins, Indiana. Smite x Stranger Things will become available at some point in July.

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