A CASTLEVANIA Spinoff Series Is Coming to Netflix

Netflix’s Geeked Week is ending with quite a bang. The streaming service has been delivering fun news all week long and the final day is no different. A surprise announcement came through and it will make Castlevania fans happy. Everyone thought the show was a wrap with its fourth and final season currently streaming. While that is still true, this rich and expansive world will continue on with a spinoff series.

The Castlevania spinoff will center around Richter Belmont, who is Sypha and Trevor’s distant grandson as well as Maria Renard. For those who may not be familiar, Maria is a popular character from the Castlevania game series. She is a vampire huntress and a distant relative of the Belmont family. Maria is Richter’s accomplice in Castlevania: Rondo of Blood and they later link up with Alucard for an adventure.

So, perhaps this series will borrow from the action and quests in that game. The television series will be set in France during the French Revolution in 1792. There is no word on the show’s title nor when we can expect to see our first glimpse of the series.

a photo of castlevania characters trevor, sypha, and alucard walking side by side


But it is quite exciting news. And, it seems that this might not be the only Castlevania content coming soon. In Netflix’s live stream, the show’s creatives said that we are “far from done” with this world so perhaps there will be other things to explore in the future. Perhaps there will be a chance to dive into different backstories or perhaps continue the Dracula/Lisa storyline. They will never die so they might as well come back, right?

But what we really want is more along the lines of bringing game characters like Maria to television and exploring this world during different time periods. Either way, it is beyond exciting to know that there is more Castlevania content on the way.

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