Simu Liu Used to Dress Up as Spider-Man at Kids’ Parties

Most of us know Canadian actor Simu Liu as the lead of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Or some perhaps from the instant comedy classic Kim’s Convenience. But the rising star was not always a screen sensation. In fact, in a recent interview with guest host Sean Hayes on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Liu opened up about his past gigs—including one he had as Spider-Man for kids’ birthday parties. He starts telling the story around the four-minute mark in the below video.

Liu, who appeared on Kimmel in anticipation of Shang-Chi‘s opening, spoke about pretty much his whole CV during his interview (via Yahoo! News). And according to Liu, this interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live also marked his first appearance on an English talk show. The actor noted he originally went to school for finance and accounting. But Liu ended up having a string of “side jobs” early on in his career instead. The kids’ party Spider-Man was one such job, which lasted only a summer. “I would roll up to these 6-year-olds’ parties, and I would basically just get physically assaulted by them for an hour. Because nobody ever believed that I was the real Spider-Man,” Liu told Hayes in the interview.

The actor added this was partially the case because of his “Walmart” level Spidey suit. As well as the fact that he went for the classic cartoon Spider-Man rather than the current day silver screen one. More specifically, Liu says he looked like the Spider-Man from the viral internet meme from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

A split image of actor Simu Liu and the cartoon Spider-Man from the popular Spider-Man pointing at himself meme.

Sony Animation/ Gage Skidmore

Overall, Liu rated his summertime experience as Spider-Man as “terrible.” Although the youngin’ pile-on undoubtedly strengthened him for what would come later in his career. Mainly wrestling with Kimchee on Kim’s Convenience. Just kidding. Shang-Chi has obviously been the real physical test for the actor. Especially all of the stretching, apparently.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings lands in theaters on September 3. And, if Liu has it his way, the character will eventually appear in another movie alongside Spider-Man. The actor has noted that an adaptation of “Spider-Island” is in order.

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