SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME Toys Show Off Cool New Costumes

Spider-Man: No Way Home is maybe the most talked about Marvel film that no one has seen a frame of yet. And that’s because the third MCU Spidey film is shrouded in mystery. Will it contain the Multiverse? (Almost definitely). Will Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield appear? (Unclear). So many questions! But Marvel has  just revealed several products for the upcoming film, some of which give away some possibly spoilery details. Here are the toys that stand out the most.

Funko! Pops
New Spider-Man: No Way Home Funko Pop! figures show Spidey in upgraded suits.


Funko is releasing a series of No Way Home Pop! vinyl figures, and many of these seemingly give away key plot points. For starters, we’ve got an “Integrated Suit Spider-Man,” which appears to show Peter Parker doing spells. There’s also a version of Doctor Strange wearing some very ordinary civilian clothes with a shovel. (Guess you can’t always dress up for magic shows). And there’s a spiffy black and gold suit Spidey, which is a Target exclusive. How many suits is Peter going to have in this movie?

Funko Pops for Spider-Man: No Way Home show black and gold suit Spidey, and Doctor Strange.


Spider-Man: No Way Home LEGO set showcasing Spidey vs. Vulture.


In terms of LEGO sets, aside from the one in Doctor Strange’s Sanctum, one set showcases the new black and gold-suited Spider-Man fighting the Vulture. This seems to be our first confirmation that Michael Keaton’s Spider-Man: Homecoming villain will return for another battle with the wall crawler. Other sets with No Way Home branding feature events from previous movies. But the black and gold Spidey vs. Vulture heavily implies it takes place within the new film.

Marvel Legends
Spider-Man: No Way Home Marvel Legends 6 Action Figures.


And there are also several Marvel Legends 6″ figures. Including one which shows more detail on the black and gold Spider-Man suit. If we were to venture a guess as to the reason for this costume, it would make sense for Peter to wear it in, say, a big scene with two other Spider-Men. Just for differentiation. This is just our educated guess and nothing more, folks. Also among these Marvel Legends figures is a J. Jonah Jameson, which officially welcomes J.K. Simmons into the line.

And there are several other Spider-Man: No Way Home toys, including figures featuring Doctor Strange, MJ, and Ned. Nothing for Doc Ock or Electro just yet. Now, where is that No Way Home trailer?

To see the complete line of Spider-Man: No Way Home products, head on over to Marvel.com.

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