This Fashionable Cat Demonstrates a Perfect Runway Walk

Models of the world should keep an eye out for new four-legged competition. Via Laughing Squid, Rover the cat knows how to walk the walk—that is, the runway walk. His humans dress him in glorious ensembles, and Rover totally rocks them with a perfectly sassy sashay. This majestic black cat boasts over 64K followers on Instagram, and with good reason. He. Is. Fabulous.

Fashion cat walking the runway

Rover the Cat

This beautiful cat knows exactly how to handle social media during this shelter in place period. He’s all over the place: InstagramTwitter, Facebook and a YouTube channel. His owners are helping Rover make strides across the runway, a.k.a. the kitchen floor. They’ve been dressing this kitty up since long before COVID-19, but now Rover is bringing the world some much needed joy. Don’t take our word for it, though, let’s take a look at some of his most daring ensembles. I can just hear the fashion houses putting in calls to have him walk in their next shows.

First up, his most recent, and might we say, most daring look yet? His would-be Met Gala ensemble stuns. The long red, satin cape with beautiful clasp detailing is a look.

He’s not afraid to wear bold prints or furs, as is evident in this jungle-inspired ensemble.

Sometimes it’s not about the outfits, but the accessories. These cool shades make Rover the Cat even more enviable.

Or here when a simple gold chain can really pull together your entire look.

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Rover’s humans are clearly having a good time with their creative outlet. Plus Rover seems to be a good sport about the whole thing. Cats can sometimes be temperamental, but not Rover.

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Yahoo recently stated, “Black cats tend to be passed over for photoshoots—and even for adoption—because owners believe they don’t photograph as well as lighter pets.” That’s on top of the usual stigma surrounding adopting black cats. With Rover the Cat gaining popularity on several social media sites, maybe he can help bring to light the fact that black cats are adorable and look amazing in photographs. Rover is simply magnificent.

Featured Image: Rover the Cat

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