Realistic 3D Sculpts of Cartoon Icons are Cool and Creepy

Last year, we were introduced to the amazing 3D sculptures of Turkish artist Hossein Diba. His realistic renderings of the characters from The Simpsons were both fascinating and creepy as all get out. Now, via Bored Panda, we’ve learned that Diba is turning this same skill to other animated favorites from across pop culture. You can check out some of our favorites down below:

We’re still waiting for a live-action version of Spider-Man Miles Morales in the MCU. Until that time comes, there’s Diba’s realistic looking Miles, as seen in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Another Spider-Verse character getting a realistic 3D interpretation is Miles’ mentor, Peter B. Parker. He oddly looks like a weird cross between Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland, which is only fitting.

The Amazing Spider-Gwen is next, and the webslinger looks a wee bit Saoirse Ronan if you ask us.

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These realistic versions of the Spider-Verse characters really bring the webslingers to life.

Hossein Diba

Disney’s Aladdin had a live-action adaptation recently. But these 3D sculpts of the original animated characters in a realistic fashion just feel right. Maybe in 25 years, technology will have advanced to remaking these Disney classics a third time, with 3D versions who look like their original animated counterparts.

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It is Rick and Morty’s Pickle Rick, or is it Slimer from Ghostbusters? In any case, we’re pretty sure this is going to cause some nightmares.

From the world of Pixar, Diba has brought to life a realistic version of Woody from Toy Story. Luckily, he resisted making him look like Tom Hanks.

A much newer Pixar character is jazz musician Joe Gardner from Soul. Is it just us, or does he look like one of Eddie Murphy’s secondary characters he plays in makeup from Coming to America or The Nutty Professor?

Another classic ‘toon character who just looks downright weird in a realistic manner is the musclebound Popeye the Sailor Man. We think the live-action version played by Robin Williams in the movies is a lot less terrifying looking.

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Finally, back to where it all started — The Simpsons. Only not the main Springfield characters, but realist versions of the real life celebrities who have appeared on the show. This is the pop culture snake eating its own tail, folks. Down below are Lady Gaga and Ricky Gervais in their Simpson-ized iterations.

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For more of Hossein Diba’s amazing work, be sure to head on over to his Instagram, ArtStation, and YouTube channel.

Featured Image: Hossein Diba

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