TOY STORY 4 Has Easter eggs From Every Single Pixar Movie

Ever since the Pizza Planet truck showed up in A Bug’s Life, Pixar has kept up a tradition of hiding easter eggs in their films. In Toy Story 4, Pixar didn’t just hide a couple hints to their older films. The studio made reference to every movie in their filmography.

Some of these easter eggs are quite easy to catch right out the gate: a Dinoco gas station, from Toy Story and Cars or a grape soda cap from Up. Others require a more trained eye. For example, the iconic Pizza Planet truck appears as a tattoo on a carnival worker’s leg, instead of on the street. Within the antiques shop, you can find furniture from The Incredibles and wine glasses from Ratatouille. In the small town, A Bug’s Life’s PJ Pop advertisements are painted on walls and at the carnival, you can win Coco’s guitar.

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Meanwhile, other easter eggs are references to the history of the company. The antique store was founded in 1986, the same year Pixar became an independent company. Early Pixar shorts, like Wally and Andre B. and Tin Toy, make quick appearances, too. A license plate reads RMRF97, referring to the incident where Toy Story 2 was accidentally erased from Pixar’s hard drives. A true deep cut is a reference to Kubrick’s The Shining. In Toy Story, villain Sid’s carpet matches that of the Overlook Hotel. In Toy Story 4, the haunting song, “Midnight, the Stars and You,” plays on an antique record player.

Even though Easter Eggs are everywhere, the best place to look for them is the is inside the antique store. According to director Josh Cooley in an interview with EW, the store houses most of the easter eggs. Cooley recalls a 10+ page document he received that contained each Pixar reference hidden inside the antiques shop. It looks like devoted fans will have to freeze frame the movie in order to catch even half of the references Pixar hid. Happy searching!

Images: Pixar, Disney

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