Fujifilm Goes Full POKÉMON SNAP for New Mini Printer

If you were a kid say, 20 years ago, then chances are you remember the first Pokémon Snap for Nintendo 64. And a new version is right around the corner for the Nintendo Switch. But in the era of the original game, Blockbuster Video stores installed something called Pokémon Snap Stations in various locations. This is the era when every city had a Blockbuster Video or two. These stations allowed Pokémon fans to bring in an N64 memory card full of their favorite pics and print out a sheet of Pokémon stickers.

Via Gizmodo, we’ve learned Fujifilm is bringing the retro Pokémon Snap Station vibes back. The Japanese company is unveiling a new iteration of its Instax Mini Link printer. It will allow users to print out copies of their best Pokémon images and give them Nintendo-flavored accents.

There are two different versions of the Fujifilm Mini Link Special Edition on the way. One of them will be a $99 option and come with Switch-themed accents. This version arrives on April 30. Next is a $120 bundle, which hits in May. That one arrives with a yellow Pikachu-shaped silicone case.

Fujifilm is rebranding their new mini link printer to Pokémon Snap


The Mini Link Special Edition uses an iOS or Android mobile app as the bridge between the Nintendo Switch and the printer. You’ll be able to transfer photos from the Switch’s screenshot album to your smartphone’s camera roll. This happens via a process where the Switch generates a QR Code. Then, your smartphone uses that QR code to connect to the console directly via wifi. The Fujifilm app then edits and reframes the images, not to mention adds several Nintendo effects. And then it goes to the printer. There are about to be lots of photos of photos taken, just so people can post them to social media—the one non-retro side effect of this whole thing.

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