Pokémon ASMR Is Adorably Soothing

There’s not a single day that you couldn’t use the relaxing sounds of Pikachu in your ears, and Pokémon Japan is here to give you just that. Their latest Pokémon ASMR offering, “ Pikachu on the Patio,” pipes in the sweet whispering of the cutest pocket monster. It’s too adorable to fall asleep to. You’ll be saying “aww” so often there’s no way you’ll pass out, but you’ll definitely feel happier after watching this video.

“Here’s our ASMR offering that will have you spend a lazy sunny afternoon with the playful Pikachu romping around the room,” says the video description. White curtains move gently as a soft breeze blows into the sunlit room. Throw the ball and listen to the pitter-patter of Pikachu’s feet as he plays. As the little Pokémon finally passes out from so much fun, his soft breathing might finally lull you to total relaxation… for a moment. (Was the jump scare really necessary, Pokémon?!)

It has to be said, however, that if you might get tired of hearing the word “pika” after a few hundred times, this is probably not the ASMR for you.

Pikachu ASMR


This isn’t the first foray Pokémon has made into relaxing videos this year. There’s an entire playlist dedicated to our favorite Pokémon doing ASMR! Squirtle frolics on a beach alongside the relaxing roar of the surf. And in our current favorite, Charmander snores next to a crackling campfire on a cool night. (Using his tail to rekindle the fire is another nice touch.)

Each video clocks in at about 15 minutes of adorableness. Be sure to wear your headphones for each of these official Pokémon ASMR creations to get the full effect.

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