Wear Peter Parker’s Polo Shirt from the ’90s SPIDER-MAN Cartoon

Cartoon characters wearing the same clothes over and over is a classic animated TV series trope. It’s on full display in Spider-Man: The Animated Series from the ’90s. To be fair, our titular wallcrawler did have more than one outfit as Peter Parker. (Okay, it was maybe three at most). But the most iconic of those was the striped polo shirt he wore in the opening credits of the show. It’s the same one Peter wore when the radioactive spider bit him—and seemingly, every other day after that. And now shopDisney is selling a replica of that shirt for $49.99. You can check out images of the polo shirt in the gallery below, as well as read Disney’s official description.

Disney's Spider-Man: The Animated Series retro polo shirt.
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Show your love for a timeless hero with this Spider-Man polo shirt. Inspired by the classic Spider-Man animated TV series of the ’90s, it looks like the iconic striped polo that Peter Parker wears when he’s not being your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. A great get for any fan and a guaranteed conversation starter, it features an embroidered Spider-Man patch on the chest.

Anyone who grew up with the animated Spidey back in the day will instantly recognize this turquoise, blue, and white shirt. And if they don’t, the Spidey head will help them make the connection. The embroidered patch kind of reminds us of Izod shirts, only replace that Izod alligator mascot with a Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. As we said, cartoon characters rarely ever had more than one signature piece of clothes. On Scooby-Doo, the gang seemed to have just one set of clothing. For 50 years. At least Peter Parker also had a t-shirt with a blazer he’d wear sometimes. Progress!

The Spider-Man polo shirts are currently sold out, but given their huge popularity, expect shopDisney to restock them at some point down the line.

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