Otters Are Not a Fan of Those Infamous T. Rex Costumes

We all otter take a break every once in a while to appreciate cute animals. Since it’s that time of year, a Halloween-themed video otter do. The latest content from two pet Asian small-clawed otters named Kotaro and Hana involves their human dressing up in one of those inflatable T. rex costumes. What will they make of it? How many snacks will the dino have to share before they befriend it? Check out the delightful video of what happens when an otter meets a T. rex below for those answers. And don’t forget to turn the sound on so you don’t miss the cute coos, squeaks, and harmonic purring the otters make throughout.  

Though it’s clear the otters have no idea what to make of him, Tyrannosaurus dad tries to win them over with some of their favorite things. They take a trip to the outdoor pool, eat some chow, and relax on the couch. Though it’s closer to cowering terrified under the couch in this case.  

Check out the KOTSUMET YouTube channel for all your otter video needs. Even the simplest premise, like Kotaro and Hana chowing down on a birthday buffet, leads to cute content. The video descriptions make sure to highlight the work (and legal issues) involved with keeping otters as pets. They’re adventurous and require a lot of attention. We are amused by videos about whether otters can see optical illusions and how quickly they learn to open doors, but it’s also about the owners keeping this smart animal stimulated.

A person in an inflatable T. rex costume interacts with two otters in a house

If you’ve already got an inflatable T. rex costume from a past Halloween and are looking for new ways to use it (and don’t own an otter), maybe try it on and see what your dog, cat, bunny, or hamster thinks of it. It’s not legal to have pet otters in most of the world. But we’ll bet other animals have some funny reactions too. 

Melissa is Nerdist’s science & technology staff writer. She also moderates “science of” panels at conventions and co-hosts Star Warsologies, a podcast about science and Star Wars. Follow her on Twitter @melissatruth.

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