Can Otters See Optical Illusions? These Adorable Animals Weigh In

It’s natural for humans to feel curious about the animals in the world around them, especially the cute ones. That’s probably why we love to watch cute animal videos online. And often, we start to wonder how different animals might react to things that don’t naturally exist in their world, like optical illusions. In the past, we’ve considered whether cats, for instance, can see optical illusions. And though the answer was inconclusive, it sure was interesting to see how an animal contends with such things. But now, it’s time for otters to meet optical illusions. A video by YouTuber Kotsumet poses the age-old question, can otters see optical illusions? And, if they can, can they recognize the optical tricks for what they are, mere illusions and no more? Let’s take a look.

Of course, as with any question concerning animals’ brains and perceptions, the question of whether otters can see and understand optical illusions is one that requires actual scientific study. This is just an incredibly adorable animal video on the internet. But the video does offer some compelling evidence that otters can, in fact, see optical illusions. At least, the otters can visually register the effect the illusion is putting out there. That is, they can see what they think is a void in the ground. Whether the otters can understand the void doesn’t really exist is a different matter altogether.

Can otters see optical illusions? An adorable otter animal suspended over an optical illusion run

When they first see the optical illusion, the otters seem curious and a bit disturbed. They keep to the outside of the rug as though trying to avoid falling into the illusion’s center. This indicates the otters can register the trick of sight. But interestingly, they begin to paw at the carpet as though trying to see what’s underneath. And then they become more comfortable walking over it. Very curious. Definitely, a check in the “otters have developed minds” category. And maybe something science needs to further explore.

We, in the meanwhile, will continue to explore our area of expertise, cute otter videos.

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