People in T-Rex Costumes Ran a Very Silly Race

Jurassic Park might have given us the most iconic T-Rex in pop culture history, but the genius who came up with the very popular, very silly T-Rex costume is responsible for the the funniest version of the prehistoric predator. It does not matter how many times I come across one of those absurd get-ups out in the wild or who is wearing it, they always make me laugh. The combination of the over-sized head swaying side-to-side with the sheer inability to control it in anyway is the best kind of stupid. The only thing better than seeing one is seeing two of them! And we are in luck; Emerald Downs thoroughbred racetrack in Auburn, Washington held a multi-person/multi-dino “T-Rex Race” recently. And there’s a video! It’s one of the dumbest and most wonderful things I have ever seen.

This video (that we came across at Gekkologie) was shared by the YouTube channel Optimistic. You can watch it over and over again to try and figure out the best technique. You’re running in a big dumb costume with a head you can’t control, so we’d rather embrace the absurdity of the entire situation. Just think: someone came up with this ridiculous idea, and then a bunch of willing people participated in it. These are our kind of people.

Of course, there is obviously some danger involved here; the complete wipe out of that T-Rex at around the seven-second mark proves it. Dressing up as an apex predator doesn’t give you the grace of one, especially when an actual dinosaur can control it’s neck while you are running around with the equivalent of a big plastic bag blurring your vision.

If a real T-Rex ran like this, that mirror scene in Jurassic Park wouldn’t have been nearly as scary. But it sure would have been funny.

Featured Image: Optimistic

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