Otters Going All Out at Birthday Buffet Are Beyond Adorable

Earlier this year Japanese YouTuber and otter owner Kotsumet showed viewers his pet otters figuring out how to open a screen door. It was an impressive display to be sure. Although we were too busy awwwing to appreciate the technical nature of the feat. Regardless, Kotsumet seems to appreciate how hard his otters work to solve problems and be cute, and has recently rewarded them with a big ol’ buffet.

Boing Boing picked up on Kotsumet’s new video, which features his pet otters Hana and Kotaro celebrating the latter’s birthday. And while it’s unclear how old Kotaro is now, he, like Hana, looks as spritely as ever! Or at least as spritely as we’ve ever seen the two long, wiggly, semiaquatic mammals.

An otter feasting on snacks from a birthday buffet made for the cute mammal and his friend.

While the video’s more than nine minutes long, it goes by faster than food at a real buffet. Little occasional pop-ups reveal what Hana and Kotaro’s owner has given to them, but they obviously love everything equally. Although the salmon burgers seem to be an especially big hit. (The leaf garnishes, conversely, never make it into the otters’ mouths. Nor ours when we eat out, if we’re being honest.)

It’s impossible to pick out the most adorable moment from the buffet, but Kotsumet handing over a birthday gift to Kotaro is especially heartwarming. As for what you get an otter for its birthday? Otter brand phone cases, of course! Because otters apparently love to chew on anything really.

Pet otters Hana and Kotaro feasting as a part of a birthday buffet celebration.

For those now in the mood for more cuddly animals doing cute things, the internet has nothing to offer you. Just kidding! You can check out Wrinkle the duck, for example, who loves running marathons. There’s also this pug who determines what his mood will be depending on his breakfast. Or there’s always more otters just being otters.

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