Watch Netflix Geeked Week Day 5 Official Livestream!

It all comes down to this, folks! Netflix’s inaugural Geeked Week has given us tons of news and goodies from upcoming and returning Netflix shows. Some of our favorites so far?  Masters of the Universe, for a start. We are so excited to return to Eternia in a brand new animated series. We also learned about four brand new cast members for Stranger Things 4, and we started getting scared for Fear Street thanks to a new trilogy trailer. It’s been pret-ty outstanding, and the fifth and final day promises to be the best of the bunch. How so? Well news on The Witcher and the new Cuphead animated series would be enough on their own. But there’s much more!

Catch the entire Netflix Geeked Week Day 5 livestream right here!

Netflix’s inaugural Geeked Week comes to a close with a day full of video gaming goodness. From the latest on The Witcher to your first look at The Cuphead Show, today’s livestream has something for everyone and surprises galore.

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