‘Netflix & Chilll’d’ Ice Cream Coming Out from Ben & Jerry’s

Adventurous couples out there may soon want to consider adding a third to their next naughty night in, and when we say “third” you know what we mean…. A pint of ice cream! Yes, lovers who love sweet dairy treats will be delighted to hear that Ben & Jerry’s is coming out with a “Netflix & Chilll’d” flavor ice cream, which means it’s only a matter of time before people start dabbling in some moo-nage à trois experimentation.


Engadget picked up on the new Ben & Jerry’s flavor, which was recently announced by the ice cream maker known for its delicious desserts and equally delicious puns. And while we’d undoubtedly purchase a pint of Netflix & Chilll’d solely based on its name, the actual flavor mix sounds quite appealing as well. The NSF-double-moo flavor—we’re trying so hard—blends peanut butter ice cream, “sweet & salty pretzel swirls,” and fudge brownies, and Ben & Jerry’s says that the “chillaxing creation [is] certain to satisfy any sweet or salty snack craving.”

According to the above commercial dropped on YouTube, Netflix & Chilll’d is the “first original Netflix flavor” that’s being made available by Ben & Jerry’s, which raises several questions. Like, will there be a sequel to the Netflix-flavored ice cream? And which diabolical genius made this collaboration sensation happen? Also, why are there three cows cuddled up on the couch on the pint? Have thrupples really become this popular?!

Ben & Jerry's is coming out with a Netflix & Chill'd flavored ice cream!

Ben & Jerry’s

As far as the logistical details, it’s unclear when exactly this flavor will be available, although anybody who signs up for the company’s newsletter will probably be the first to hear about a “release” date. As far as finding real dates, that will still be up to consumers. (For those who need help in that area, we recommend trying to track down Jeff Goldblum, who can make anything look sexy AF and also do tantalizing things with tentacles.)

Perhaps the most important highlight of this Netflix & Chilll’d flavor is the fact that there’s non-dairy option. Anybody who’s even a little bit lactose intolerant knows how a bunch of dairy can really throw a wet blanket on a romantic evening. And don’t you dare twist that sentence into something dirty because there are plenty of other clean puns to made here! “Spooning,” for example, takes on a whole new meaning in this context. So does “protection,” which could take the form of bibs or plastic covers and should still be used to help keep clothes and couches clean.

Incidentally, we’d like to note that the phrase “Netflix and Chill,” a euphemism for having casual sex, began its life as a meme thanks to a totally random tweet from 2009. That’s neither here nor there, but is still a fun factoid to know. After all, knowledge is sexy and the best foreplay tantalizes the—hopefully not frozen—brain.

What do you think about this new Ben & Jerry’s Netflix & Chilll’d ice cream flavor? Would you ever share this flavor with your significant other(s), or do you prefer to keep dessert out of the romance equation? Dish out your opinions in the comments!

Header Image: Ben & Jerry’s 

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