MOON KNIGHT Clip Brings Egyptian God Khonshu to the MCU

When  Moon Knight arrives on Disney+ it will bring the power of ancient Egypt with it. As well as at least one powerful Egyptian god. Not that Oscar Isaac’s Marc Spector, or more technically, one of his personalities, Steven Grant, will understand why… At least not initially. His character can’t tell the difference between his waking life and dreams. That might not be an ideal way to live, but it should make for a highly entertaining series. And a new clip from Marvel shows why. In this Moon Knight clip, a simple elevator ride turns into a terrifying encounter with the intimidating Egyptian deity known as Khonshu. But this god’s arrival isn’t as dangerous as it seems.

This roughly one-minute clip, titled “Contact Lens,” is our best look yet at the newest god to arrive in the MCU. That bird-skeleton face belongs to Khonshu, who should play a significant role in the series. In the comics, the god of the Moon stands as “The Greatest God of the Great Gods.” Khonshu, unable to enter the Earthly plane himself, chooses a hero to become the Moon Knight, his champion on Earth. Khonshu’s staff is topped with the same symbol Moon Knight wears on his chest.

That connection is of little comfort to poor Marc Spector/Steven Grant in this scene, though. He’s not sure what’s happening or even if it’s real. Especially when the prowling giant Khonshu becomes a kind elderly woman scared of her anxious elevator mate. But when she leaves the Egyptian god reappears behind him. And when you’re completely unaware you’re secretly a super-powered hero, and that this monster is the one who bestowed those abilities on you, it’s not a pleasant reunion.

The skeleton bird head of Moonn Knight's Egyptian god Khonshu
Marvel Studios

That horror movie vibe has been present in the show’s trailers, too. But this clip captures just how terrible it will be for Moon Knight to unlock his real identity. If you don’t know any better there’s no reason to think a giant skeleton bird is an ally. At least, we hope Khonshu remains an ally. That Egyptian god is scary enough when we’re pretty sure he’s a benevolent god.

Marvel’s Moon Knight premieres on Disney+ March 30, 2022.

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